5 Types of Professionals That Can Help New Moms Who Are Stressed Out


New moms have their hands full with taking care of the newborn as well as the rest of the family.  Unsurprisingly, many new moms are stressed out and often times forget to take care of themselves while they are taking care of others. Fortunately, there is help available for hire that can assist moms with daily tasks so that she can take a breather and have some time to herself.  Here is a list of professionals who can make a new mom’s life easier.

Personal grocery shoppers make shopping a breeze

New moms are typically extremely busy with meeting the needs of the newborn, whether it is feeding or changing diapers.  It’s not uncommon to run out of baby formula or diapers because there’s just not enough spare time to go shopping.  Here’s where a personal grocery shopper can step in and help.  They can buy whatever necessities you require according to your specific needs, from extra diapers to fresh veggies to daily household maintenance items, saving you valuable time that you can devote to your newborn.

Maids clean your house from top to bottom

Vacuuming carpets and reaching to scrub the showerhead can be tough for new moms who have recently gone through childbirth and are experiencing aches and pains from the recent childbirth. Housemaids can do a variety of housecleaning tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing counters, and dusting furniture.

Postpartum doulas provide care to both the mom and baby

Postpartum doulas are healthcare professionals who assist new mothers by providing physical support such as massages as well as emotional support in the form of compassionate communication with the mom. Their postpartum doula training allows them to educate the new mom on a variety of baby topics such as baby’s feeding habits, sleep schedules, diapering, and other newborn care techniques.

Dog walkers are your furry buddy’s best friends

Dogs are often treated as members of the family, however, new moms may not have the time or energy that’s required to give their dogs the attention that they needs.  Dog walkers can be hired to take your dog on walks and socialize with them so that they don’t feel neglected while the baby is being tended to.

Personal organizers save both time and space

Personal organizers are a bit different from maids.  Rather than cleaning and scrubbing, they arrange items in closets, desks, garages, kitchen cabinets, and attics in order for you to have more space as well as making things be easier to find.  They can also organize home offices as well as file documents and do bookkeeping.

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