5 Tried & Tested Measures To Beat Everyday Anxiety

Anxiety is a part of daily life as you often feel stressed over little things. Not finding the car keys, getting late for school or office, or even a pimple popping on your forehead can stress you out. The worst part is that even small issues can have a dire impact. Anxiety can disrupt your appetite, elevate blood pressure, and affect concentration levels. It can even cause sleep deprivation and fatigue if you overlook it. Luckily, dealing with everyday anxiety is easier than you imagine. Embracing simple habits can curb it for good and make life much easier. Here are tried and tested measures that actually work.

Declutter your brain

Anxiety starts in your brain, grows there, and affects your mental health eventually. The best way to deal with the problem is by decluttering your brain and purging redundant thoughts. It saves your brain from overworking and induces relaxation. Practice the art of decluttering the brain by segregating thoughts and emotions. Eliminate ones that shouldn’t be there and focus on things that matter. It takes effort to master the skill, but you can achieve it with some practice.

Meditate everyday

Follow up a decluttering routine with a session of meditation, and everyday anxiety will go for good. Meditation boosts the grey matter in the brain and rewires the body to stress less. It trains your brain and influences your mood to lead you to a relaxed state of mind. A session every morning sets you up for the day ahead, while another one at bedtime clears your mind for restful sleep.

Eat right

Surprisingly, your diet has a far-reaching impact on stress levels. For example, whole-grain carbs regulate serotonin levels. Omega-3s and vitamin B also induce relaxation. But you may not get enough of the stress-busting nutrients from food sources. You can rely on real chill for making up for the gaps with hefty supplies of Magnesium Glycinate, L-theanine, GABA, and Vitamin B6. Popping a supplement pill is much better than being dependent on antidepressants, so make sure you add the right one into your daily routine. 

Exercise outdoors

Exercise is therapeutic for the body and mind. It burns calories and boosts the production of feel-good hormones in the brain. Every time you feel anxiety hitting, step out for a walk. Outdoor workouts are ideal for regaining balance as they combine activity with a good dose of sunshine and fresh air. Together, these elements can do magic for calming down your nerves.

Express gratitude

Dealing with everyday anxiety becomes easy if you learn to be grateful for little things. Studies show that expressing gratitude reduces anxiety and resets your mental health. Start your day by writing a gratitude journal and adding notes to show your appreciation for little things. A smile from a stranger, a laugh with your loved one, or sunshine entering through your living room window- there’s so much you can be grateful for!

Avoiding anxiety isn’t possible, but winning over it is. You only have to embrace the right approach and mindset. Follow these actionable ideas and be a winner every day.

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