5 tips to meditate better and find inner peace

meditate better

Making meditation your habit is probably the best gift you can give your mind and body, so here are 5 tips to meditate better and find that inner peace we all need.

We all know the wonderful benefits of meditation. It is a great practice that calms the mind and helps us balance out our busy lives. It reduces stress, brings inner peace, helps us accept ourselves and increases awareness, but also improves concentration, and oh how much we need all of that. Making meditation your habit is probably the best gift you can give your mind and body, so here are 5 tips to meditate better and find that inner peace we all need.

  1. Find a calm place for meditation.

To truly find calmness in ourselves we must find a peaceful place to meditate at, right? Frequently when we meditate there can be so many distractions around, that when you just start losing yourself in meditation someone or something interrupts you, and we all know how that can throw us off balance and we have to start a session all over again. Find the calmest corner of your home and make it your meditation sanctuary, but also let everyone else know it’s a place where you are not available. You can go outside and meditate in nature. If you cant isolate yourself, you can try meditating to the noise around you and embrace the calmness.

meditate better

  1. Set your phone on flight mood.

This is a major one. How many times have you started your session and a message, call or just empty battery sound distracted you? Turn off all notifications and forget about your phone for a while. Even if you are expecting an important message, give yourself a moment of peace. It is a way of self-discipline and will help you meditate better and with much more dedication if there are no message sounds.

  1. Install meditation iPhone app.

As much as a phone can be a big distraction, it can also be your meditation best friend. Install a meditation iPhone app with a timer which will remind you of meditation every day and help you count the time spent while meditating, which is a good way for tracking your progress. This will definitely help you keep on track with your meditation routine and help you make meditation your habit.

Top Model Miranda Kerr meditating

  1. Choose one focus at a time.

Whether you meditate to the music or repeat a mantra, it is so important to keep your focus on only one thing at a time. Control your focus and direct your energy at only one thing at a time. This is basically one of the main meditation rules, as it will help you develop focus and concentration, and therefore discipline and calm your mind. It is not an easy thing to do, but practice makes perfect. That will allow you mind a free flow of energy.

  1. Make it a habit and do it wherever you can.

Meditation is not just a habit of sitting in peace in an isolated room, but it is a practice of mindfulness. There are so many different ways of meditating, so take the time to find yours. You can explore different ways to meditate and you can do it even while you are stuck in the traffic jam. Remember meditation is about finding inner peace wherever you are and disciplining your mind, so make it a habit to meditate and practice mindfulness wherever you are.

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