5 Tips For Shaving To Perfection


Beards are in trend and the recently trending #hashtag on social media proves it. Yeah, the #NoShaveNovember tag that went viral in just a year or so ago. Still, there are people that don’t like growing beards. There could be any justification for not following the trends, from not suitable to not desired.

When it comes to shaving off the beard, people usually tend to visit there barber or some of the more reluctant ones prefer to do it themselves. Since we are discussing shaving, we understand that it could be difficult at times to get a perfect shave.

So, to ease out your efforts and get a perfect shave, we present you with 5 tips;

Know Your Skin Type

The very first thing that can affect the extent of perfection of your shave is your skin type. Many people don’t even know that their skin-type can affect the way they shave. There are specific foaming lotions and soaps that suit specific skin-type.

You need to understand the type of your skin. Depending upon that, you should choose the type of soap or foaming gel. This will not only smoothen the shaving procedure but also protect your skin from potential damage.

Choose Your Shaving Kit Wisely

When it comes to shaving style, shaving kits play an incredibly important job. Say, for example, if your hair is too tough and stubborn, you should choose a razor that has multiple blades for closer and easier trimming. Likewise, if you have long hair in your beard, an electric razor can prove to be a wiser choice. Justin Reynolds from The Guys Shaving Club says that if you want to shave with a straight razor, you will also need a shaving bowl, a shaving cream, and a shaving brush. Watch some video and check the right method on how to shave. Remember, whatever the type of razor you choose, it will not affect just the clarity of your shaving session but also the time taken for each session.

Use An Electric Trimmer For Long Hair

Just as we discussed in the aforementioned example, electric razors can be a wise choice for a long bushy beard. Long hair is prone to grime and debris deposition. This dirt, or grime, or debris, can seriously affect the performance of an ordinary razor. Also, the blades are prone to clogging and quick blunts. To avoid all of these problems, you need to either visit your barber or use an electric razor when you are dealing with a long beard.

You Need After Shave Lotion To Prevent Against Infection

The skin cells around the beard on your face are easily damaged during shaving sessions. The blades scrape off the top layer of the epidermis and bring out the bottom layer, which is weak in structure. Moreover, there are risks of cuts and wounds during shaving. For this reason, using an after-shave lotion with antiseptic ingredients can prevent your skin from infection.

Morning Time Is The Best For Daily Shaving Sessions

As usually, people follow the morning regime for shaving, it is not just a thing you do every day. There is pretty strong reasoning for why should you prefer shaving in the morning. Shaving in the morning can revitalize your skin and freshen you up. Moreover, the skin is also, tired of the previous day’s stress cycles, so you need to shave in the morning to get rid of all the toxins produced in your skin.

Following these tips, you will start receiving results and find your perfect look within a week or so.

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