5 things to do in the beautiful exotic marina Puerto Banus, Marbella

nora gouma, puerto banus, yachting

Located in Nueva Andalusia, a Spanish vacation hotspot, Puerto Banus is a beautiful exotic marina in Marbella which has much to offer. It is a place many rich and famous love, and for a good reason. Apart from the breathtaking beach and trademark white buildings, Puerto Banus is a place for unforgettable leisure time and a perfect mix of relaxing atmosphere in the air and amazing nightlife. Here are top 5 things to do in this Mediterranean paradise that will give you an unforgettable time.

Ocean club

Ocean Club is one of my favorite beach clubs. Thanks to the chilled out and relaxed atmosphere. Indulge at their restaurant or swim in the pool. This fabulous place has a large salt water pool and super comfortable pool beds. The summer chill atmosphere and music in combination with modern design makes Ocean Club one of my favorite spots next to Funky Buddha Beach (Marbella).

Puerto Banus, Nora Gouma

Ocean club, Instagram: @Modelonamission

Luxury shopping

Marbella and its beautiful Puerto Banus are famous not only for having amazing beaches, resorts and nightclubs but also for luxury shopping. From Gucci, Phillip Plein, Dolce & Gabanna, Jimmy Choo, and Bulgari and many more famous brands. Enjoy a shopping spree with class, as there are many fashion spots, designer boutiques and luxury shops for every fashionista. In the meantime you can enjoy the yachts across the shopping area.

Shopping in Puerto Banus

Make a boat trip

Puerto Banus is famous for being an unavoidable stop for many luxury yachts and boats, and everyone just seems to love it. That is why a boat trip across the Mediterranean coast is a must do activity while enjoying yourself in Marbella. It is a fun experience and there are many boats renting options available, which will make you love the sea even more. So give yourself some time offshore, with champagne, your favorite cocktail and some caviar, because it is definitely worth it!

nora gouma, puerto banus, yachting

Puerto Banus, Instagram: @Modelonamission

Fine dining

What is so amazing about Puerto Banus is how many fine dining restaurants there are. It is all about top specialties, unforgettable tastes, gastronomy, luxury interiors and sophistication, which is why Puerto Banus is a top destination and fine dining heaven. Piucaro, Kitch, Garum, Messina and many more top restaurants offer great service and even better specialties from all around the world and will surely make your stay at Puerto Banus memorable. If you love sea food this is the place to be.

Night life, Olivia Valere

If you are looking for a party you absolutely must visit Oliva Valere. This is a lounge and restaurant venue that always promises a good time. Famous DJs and top rated events, amazing interior, live atmosphere and luxury all around, this is the place where the elite comes to have a good time and party. The ambiance itself says it all – with Olivia Valere, you can’t miss.


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