5 Small Business Ideas for Women in Their 30s


Women in their 30s are in a unique position in life. While they are still objectively young and enthusiastic, they tend to face immense societal pressure that leads to a loss of confidence and increased self-doubt. As a result, women often feel the need to make a change, and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship seems like the perfect option. Running your own business, setting your own working hours, and being your own boss is something we all dream of. To make that dream a reality, here are a few great small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in their 30s that are bound to bring success:

Online retail

Online shopping is rising in popularity, and currently represents one of the most lucrative business opportunities. While you can always open your own online shop, this can be a particularly difficult and expensive venture, considering the vast amount of different factors to cover. Instead, think about creating a store on one of the most successful retail platforms. For instance, you can use Amazon for dropshipping options, buy items in bulk and resell them on Shopify for a profit, or even choose Etsy for selling digital or physical products you’ve made yourself. As long as you select the right solution for your needs, the opportunities for growth and success are endless in online retail.

Social media management

As social media continues growing in prominence, these platforms have become incredibly important. Individuals are building lucrative careers here, while companies are strengthening their brand identities and expanding their outreach. For both of these entities, management is needed to streamline processes and increase positive results. Social media managers represent individuals or companies across all of their social channels, coming up with unique content, posting it on all platforms, and even engaging directly with audiences. If this seems interesting to you, consider the sphere of social media management. No particular experience is needed, but having extensive social media and customer relationship management knowledge is advised.

Coffee shop business

The service industry is a popular and profitable sphere to explore, and coffee shops represent the perfect opportunity for a small business. They don’t require quite as much investment and expertise, but they offer great opportunities for success. Start by deciding on a unique theme to stand out from the competition and attract customers. Take inspiration from Australian cafes using beautiful bentwood chairs from Melbourne to complete their charming bistro bars. Compelling design solutions like these bring success. Along with an accessible prime location and a skilled and experienced team, opening a coffee shop only requires getting a few necessary licenses, purchasing suitable equipment, and choosing a dependable supplier with the most delicious products.

Professional photography

women entrepreneurs

If you have any photography skills or are passionate about developing them, this is another business venture that can pay off significantly. The need for professional photography is constantly rising, from parties, weddings, and corporate events to family and product photography. Choose the niche that interests you the most and start from there. Invest in a professional camera, a couple of lenses, a tripod, and any other accessories you might need. Take photos that align with your niche and target customers regularly. Then, post them on social media and photography websites, and consider building your own online portfolio. A digital presence is a great way to advertise your photography services for free and attract interested clients.

Interior design

In case you’re a creative individual interested in design, consider starting an interior design business. This can be quite a profitable idea, while coming with less competition compared with graphic and web design, for example. An interior designer aims to create both functional and aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces. They determine space requirements, select materials and fabrics, and choose essential and decorative pieces to complete their designs. While formal education is recommended, you can become a professional interior designer by learning about basic design concepts, understanding drawings and blueprints, and expanding your knowledge of architectural software yourself. Having a physical office will also be great for meeting with clients, discussing designs, and demonstrating sample work.

With more life experience and a better understanding of your strengths and talents, your 30s are the ideal time to start a small business. Consider the ideas mentioned above and find the perfect solution that suits your needs and preferences the most.

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