4 style tips for bridesmaids to survive a wedding


When one of your friends or family members is getting married and you are invited to be one of the bridesmaids don’t panic. In this article you will find survival guide tips to make sure you will look stunning on this special day. Besides being a bridesmaid is an excellent excuse to go shopping for a perfect dress! Follow these tips for inspiration.

Form a unit with the other bridesmaids
If there is no dress code it would be best to discuss with the other bridesmaids what you are going to wear for example you don’t have to wear the same outfit but maybe choose a dress that’s made of the same fabric. Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses are very popular right now and can suit any body type. The most important thing for bridesmaids is form a unit.


Bring some flat shoes
Heels look amazing under your dress but after the vows are exchanged and taking a lot of pictures you might get a bit tired wearing heels all day. So instead of enduring pain the whole day you might as well put a pair of foldable flats in your handbag.

How to pick the right color
There is one rule you shouldn’t break unless the bride tells you too: don’t wear white. Usually it’s not a good idea to wear white because that’s the color the bride is supposed to wear. So choose a color that matches good with your skin color and hair. Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are a good choice as its more neutral than orange. Usually you see a lot of soft,  neutral or pastel colors for bridesmaids. You can find all these colors for the perfect bridesmaid dress on Millybridal UK.


Take lots of pictures
Although most couples hire a photographer there are always pictures the photographer won’t make. For example make some pictures behind the scene or some funny pictures with family or friends. These little things are highly appreciated by the bride and groom.

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