3 Top Activities to Do in Adelaide

Throughout the world, there are numerous incredible countries that you can visit in order to see spectacular sites, eat delicious food, and experience amazing culture. Australia is one of the top destinations in 2019, as it provides all of these excellent entities to experience while Down Under. There are a multitude of places to visit throughout Australia, but one of the most cosmopolitan and exciting cities to visit is Adelaide. Located in the state of South Australia, Adelaide is known for its green spaces and world-renowned museums. When planning your trip to Adelaide, there is much that you should learn about this amazing city before you hop on your flight. Learning about a few of the top activities that Adelaide has to offer will certainly augment the planning of your trip.

Go Food Tasting at Adelaide Central Market

One of the top attractions that is a must-see when visiting this beautiful city is Adelaide Central Market. This marketplace has a myriad of delicious food options with 1 million kilograms of fresh produce delivered to the market that are sold every month! Being one of the largest undercover fresh produce markets in the Southern Hemisphere, the Adelaide Central Market has something to eat for everyone. The market also boasts numerous delicious street food options as well, so you will certainly not go home from this destination with an empty stomach!

Try a Scavenger Hunt

When visiting Adelaide for the first time, it can be a bit challenging to find your way around. There is no better way to figure out where you are situated and to find your bearings in this massive city than to try a scavenger hunt. You can try an Adelaide scavenger hunt where you and your travel companions will find out about the city’s arts, culture, history, and more – all while running around the town and figuring out different clues to help you to finish the game, but also to have an unforgettable day!

Stop and Smell the Roses at the Adelaide Botanical Garden

In a city that is known for its green spaces and parks, there is no better location to check out while on your trip to this South Australian city than the Adelaide Botanical Garden. This 51-hectare public green space is over 150 years old (opened in 1857), has a multitude of plant and flower types, and trying to see them all is a must-do for any visitor to Adelaide. Pro tip – stop by the National Rose Trial Garden so you can admire the beauty of the roses that adorn this area of the park!

Final Thoughts

There are numerous wonderful cities throughout Australia, but none quite compare to the beauty and wonderous atmosphere that is presented in Adelaide. Although not as big as the major metropolises of the country, Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide has its own charm that any visitor will experience the moment they step foot into the city. Learning about the numerous attractions and activities that Adelaide has to offer will certainly improve your trip to this magnificent city!

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