3 different types of meditation techniques you can try out now

meditation techniques

Meditation can be used as a daily exercise to clear your mind or a spur the moment way to calm yourself during a hectic situation. Here are a few meditation techniques to try and incorporate into your life for a clearer mind. During these exercises, if you lose focus or become distracted, acknowledge the distraction without judgement and let it fall away.

  1. Focus on a body part

Focus on one part of your body and ignore everything else. Common body parts are the mouth and the nose as they allow you to also focus on your breathing, but any body part will do. This exercise will help you distance yourself from your hectic life.

  1. Focus on only one sense

Blocking out all sensory information except for one sense is a common form of meditation. Many people choose to hear and listen to a chant or meditation sounds that can easily be found on YouTube, but any sense will do. For example, if you are stressed out about the noise around you, it may be beneficial to focus on a less stressful sense like your smell or taste.

  1. Breathing Meditation

Focus your mind on nothing but your breathing. Slowly breathe in and out, sometimes counting your breath can help create a steadier rhythm. Allow all other feelings drop away as you feel your breath come in and out. These simple meditation techniques can make a difference in your life when you use them on a daily base.

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