10 Things To Do Before Reserving Family Vacation Rentals

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Keeping your family safe and comfortable is always a priority. Finding the right family vacation rental can take a toll on you. A family trip is very important to children, you are creating first memories with them. Therefore, you need to ensure that they have the best time.

Most of the time families choose vacation rentals to save up money instead of renting hotel rooms. The residence you reserve must meet all of your expectations to be worth paying the bill. You might be wondering what precautions you can take before taking your family on a trip. We offer you a list of ten things to do before reserving family vacation rentals.

1.   Read the Reviews Carefully

Past experiences from previous residents should be considered when you are trying to find the right vacation rental for your family. You will be able to understand whether or not the property is clean if necessary services are provided, and if the environment is safe by reviewing the opinions of other guests.

Rental properties usually have reviews online that you can check. You need to read them carefully to be assured that everything you need will be provided. Sometimes, reviews are excellent but they are either paid bots or different accounts from the property owner. Therefore, you need to check that there are enough reviews for them to be legit and honest!

2.   Ensure That The Advertisement is Honest

You might read in the advertisement that everything is in pristine condition and the location is perfect. However, advertisements are not always honest. In fact, it is property managers’ responsibility to market the property as well as possible, so there may be some white lies here and there. When most of the time these white lies don’t cause harm, it may be inconvenient for you to find what you didn’t expect upon arrival.

You can avoid these issues by requesting a virtual tour of the property as a proof that everything you expect will be there for you.

3.   Check the Location

If you are visiting a town that you haven’t been to in the past, you must check the location well. Although the property caption might say that the location is great and it’s close to attractions, it may not be true.

Checking the property location is crucial when you are visiting a town for the first time. You need to know if the vacation rental is close enough to the city center and if it’s close to the sights, and attractions of the town. When you are on a vacation you don’t want to spend a lot of your time trying to find a bus or catching a cab and spending a lot of unnecessary money. Not to mention, vacations don’t usually last for a very long time, and spending hours going from point A to point B is less than ideal.

Another important factor in why you need to check the location well before you book a family vacation rental is safety. Some neighborhoods are more dangerous than others in every town. Therefore, you must ensure that the place where you will be staying with young children or a lot of relatives is safe for everyone.

4.   Earn the Trust of the Owner

If you have set your mind on a vacation rental but haven’t booked yet, consider the fact that a lot of other people might want to reserve the same property. Therefore, it’s best if you show the owner that you can be trusted.

Owners of well-maintained and high-quality properties are usually very cautious of guests. In case the vacation rental owner has several applicants lined up, you need to show your qualifications. It’s not just the renters who choose the perfect property, the owners are also trying to find what’s best for them.

5.   Check the Check-in & Check-out Times

Although you may have found a great property for a good price for as many days as you want, the check-in and check-out times might not work for you.

If you arrive from the airport early but the check-in time is later in the evening, it would be uncomfortable for your family to wait in the car jet-lagged with bags for hours. As for the check-out time, sometimes owners set the time too early in the morning to prepare the property for the next visitors. You want to be sure that your check-out time aligns well with your plans to go back.

6.   Make Sure Necessary Utilities are Available

When you pay to spend several days on a property you expect everything to be in check. Your family will feel convenience and comfort when they have every necessary utility available to them. It’s important to be able to shower with hot water, have proper heating or conditioning, and have kitchen appliances on a vacation. Therefore, you need to check if everything you may need on your trip, including a fridge, a washing machine, hot water, a heater, etc. is available on the rental property.

7.   Check Properties on Local Websites

If you want to find the most suitable property for your family, it’s not likely that you will find every option on a global platform. Therefore you should check family vacation rentals on local websites for the city you decide to travel to. It would help if you would reach out to property management companies to assist you in your quest.

8.   Check the Policies

When you stay on a property with your family, you need to know that you won’t have to face any conflicts with the owner. Therefore, to avoid any confusion, misunderstanding, or additional fees, you should learn about the vacation rental policies well beforehand.

Property owners usually have no-pet policies, so if you wish to travel with a little furry friend, you should be sure that you can bring them to the rental with you. You should also check that you can cancel the trip and get a refund in case of an emergency and how much time before arrival you have to do so.

9.   Make Sure That You Are Dealing With Family-Friendly Agency or Company

Traveling with children, especially babies, can be tough. You need to pack so many items that you may as well travel with a van. Therefore, it’s best to deal with a property management company that is family-friendly and can help you stay somewhere where every necessity to care for a little child will be provided.

10.   Check the Bedroom Situation

We have circled back to the advertisement issue. Although it might be said on the marketing campaign that there are 2 bedrooms, there may not be enough beds or big enough beds to fit your whole family. You need to get written confirmation from the property manager (or owner) that there will be enough space and beds for your entire family.

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