Your Festival Fashion Summer Guide 2022

When it comes to having fun with clothing, nothing beats festival fashion, does it? There are no rules. You can mix and match any style of clothing, and no one will say anything. It is your time to be as outrageous as you want, as cute as you want, or simply as comfortable as you want. The choice is yours.

A number of the top festivals have taken place  – such as the festival of all festivals, Coachella. However, we are still just getting started, and there are so many amazing music festivals set to take place over the coming months, both in the USA and overseas as well. So, to look your absolute best, we have some tips and suggestions: 

OTT Head Bands

Different hair accessories always come to the fore during festival season. We saw just how popular floral headbands have been in recent years, for instance. However, this year, it is all about over-the-top headbands, whether floral or not. You can get bespoke designs with jewels and so much more. They are sure to capture people’s attention. 

Contrasting colors

Another trend that we absolutely love for this season is contrasting colors. Try and wear a different color on your top half when compared with your bottom half. This is something that tall women will be delighted about, as bold prints and contrasts can work wonders. You can read more style ideas for tall women online if you are in need of some ideas and suggestions. You do not have to go for one block color either. You can use loud patterns, and yes, you can contrast those as well. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to festival fashion. 

Bespoke, statement bags 

We have seen some crazy bags over the past few months. We’re talking about bags that are not useful – they’re all about visual impact. Think Christine from Selling Sunset and her chair bag! As we don’t tend to carry a lot with us when at a festival, a statement touch like this can really elevate your outfit to new heights. 

Rounded Sunglasses 

You always need a pair of sunglasses when you are at a festival, and we happen to think that rounded sunglasses are the best. They are cool, and quirky and they have that desirable rock’n’roll vibe from Britain, which really suits the festival spirit. Plus, we have seen a lot of celebs rocking this trend, such as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. Oh, and Queen B is a huge fan of this trend too!

So there you have it: some of our favorite festival summer trends for 2022. We hope that you now have plenty of ideas and suggestions that can help you to look and feel amazing if you are going to a music festival this summer. If you have not got one in the pipeline just yet, it is not too late to get booked up and have the time of your life. We’ll see you there!

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