Your Feminine Beauty: 5 Tips for Making Depilation Less Unpleasant

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It’s one thing to have hair where it’s supposed to be, but another thing when it grows where it’s not wanted. Men and women want hair removed from areas of the body where it’s unwanted. While some men like hair to grow on their chests, others want it removed. Women certainly don’t want hair to grow on their faces. Unfortunately, removing hair besides shaving it can be uncomfortable and downright painful. There are little machines that are said to shave the hair off the face, but they don’t work for a lot of people simply because the hair is too coarse.

Is Depilation Really as Painful as They Say?

Many people become very discouraged when they see hair on their face and they think to themselves, “I have to shave again?” Sometimes, they make an appointment at the local beauty salon to have their facial hair, bikini line and eyebrows waxed which is a service that can last as long as 3 – 6 weeks. The first tip that makes hair removal less painful is to exfoliate the skin with an exfoliating glove or sugar scrub a few days before waxing in order for the wax to adhere to the hair and not the skin which makes waxing less painful.

Why People Wax Instead of Shave Their Hair

Just about everyone realizes that shaving makes their hair grow in much courser, but it’s not painful unless a person cuts themselves. The second tip regarding the pain of waxing is the fact that after the first couple times the skin is waxed, the hair that grows back in is actually finer. While it’s courser by shaving, waxing maintains hair growth for up to 6 weeks while shaving is done every day. When the hair coming in is finer, that means waxing will be less painful. Have a look at to view the fine waxing products they sell.

People in Ancient Times Shaved and Waxed

Even in King Solomon’s time, people shaved and waxed their bodies. Many men today simply shave their heads if they’re losing their hair anyway. Many people view less hair with better hygiene and so they shave their hair first and allow it to grow into approximately 1/4 inch and this makes waxing less painful for them. The third tip is that the longer the hair the more painful the waxing will be. Hair removal is a pain in itself but learning the proper way to wax can alleviate that pain.

The Time Away From Shaving

Face it. The time spent away from shaving, such as 4 – 6 weeks before hair grows back in makes dealing with waxing as much less painful. The fourth tip is that at first, it may feel like teeth-gritting time, but after the first couple waxings, it’ll be second nature and just thinking about it will be less painful.

Don’t Shower Right After Waxing

Always remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body and it can become traumatized.The fifth tip is to give the skin rest after having it waxed since it can turn red, especially on the upper lip, and can cause individuals to miss work because of it. No one wants to feel like they’ve gotten sunburned out on the beach when all they have to do is listen and not shower.

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