Women’s Hair Loss – Causes And Treatments

alopecia, hair loss

Women have always taken pride in their hair. They care for it, nourish it and it becomes a crucial part of their identity and their personality. Think about it. Could you imagine yourself bald right now? If you are a woman, then I suppose you have immediately touched your head with your hand, in order to make sure that you aren’t bald yet.

Somehow, baldness has always been reserved for men. Although, there are some strong females out there who opt for the bald look and I must say that they are rocking it. However, we are not all lucky enough to have a perfectly shaped head that would allow us to look so wonderful without our hair. So, we decide to stick with it and care for it.

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Women And Their Hair

I suppose you are familiar with the term “bad hair day”. Simply put, it associates women’s mood with hair. Ladies all around the world have admitted to feeling under the weather when they think their locks, or other styles, aren’t looking good. There is no doubt that this affects their confidence and their overall frame of mind.

So, they use all kinds of products to properly nourish their curls and waves and similar. That way, they boost their self-esteem and feel happy and energized. In fact, when you see a woman that cannot take a smile off her face, you should know that she’s having a “good hair day”. *I am trying to make this term more mainstream, so I hope you’ll help by spreading the words (no pun intended).*

Wow, who would have thought that so much power is vested in something that never stops growing from our heads? Well, that came out a bit weird. Although, when you think about it this way, it’s really not surprising that so much power lies in our hair. Hmm, I must say, I stumbled upon this “unbeatable” logic completely on accident.

However, nobody can deny this magical link between women and their hairs. That is exactly why they go frantic after noticing that they might be losing it. As I have already mentioned, baldness is usually reserved for males, and for those females that are shaving their heads on purpose. However, when women start losing their hair all of a sudden, panic is imminent.

alopecia, hair loss


Hair loss, or alopecia, can be caused by many things. It can be a symptom of a medical condition that you might be struggling with, or it can occur from a completely different reason. In order to determine the cause, it is best to contact a doctor and get everything checked out. However, let us go through some of the most common causes before I get to the treatment part. Find out more.

Unsurprisingly, autoimmune diseases and celiac conditions in which the body attacks itself can lead to alopecia. In addition to that, it can be the result of a hormonal imbalance in your body. This is especially seen during menopause. Of course, you shouldn’t exclude the possibility of experiencing this due to a previous stressful event, or due to stress that has built during a specific period.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that your specific alopecia is caused by your genes. In other words, it can be hereditary. If this is the case, then the condition is called patterned-baldness and it is characterized by predictable patterns and thinning hair. But, chances are, you won’t have to worry about this until reaching a certain age.

Whatever the cause is, you should rely on your doctor to figure it out. Plus, whatever you do, don’t just give up on that beautiful hair you have and let it all simply disappear. The key is to fight it. So, don’t be a quitter and show alopecia how you can beat it. That is, after you learn how to beat it. Don’t make any false threats.


Alopecia is usually treated by various kinds of hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and similar. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use the first thing you come across. If you do it like this, you might end up disappointed after you notice that there are no visible results. Consequently, that disappointment can give birth to a certain kind of mistrust towards all those products that can actually help you.

Therefore, it is important to find reliable suppliers and use tested and approved shampoos and other commodities. For example, Keranique for women’s hair loss and similar products might be the right choice for you. And yet, people seem to be using everything they stumble upon, simply because they don’t know how to differentiate between what is good and what shouldn’t be worth their time.

If you are having troubles with alopecia, then let me give you a couple of useful pieces of advice. Before buying anything, there are some factors you should take into account in order to avoid being tricked and spending money on something that cannot help you in any way. But, with the help of only two useful tips, you will know exactly which products to use and which to avoid. You will make an informed decision about the hair loss treatment to follow.

FDA Approval

The first thing you should pay attention to is whether the Food And Drug Administration has approved the ingredients found in all kinds of shampoos and conditioners that are supposed to stimulate hair growth. If a product is FDA approved, that means it is not harmful to you and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. I suppose it is clear why this is important.


Make sure to check whether the products have been already tested and whether there is proof that they can help you with alopecia. After all, you don’t want to buy something just because the sellers say that they have tried it themselves and it works. Remember, their goal is to sell their goods and gain profit. Your goal is to get your hair back. Act accordingly.

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