WINF: Tips before the first visit to Las Vegas

I have been to Las Vegas over a dozen times for poker or fun, for a few days or a few months. This article and its tips should come in handy whether you are spending only a few hours in Las Vegas on a road trip or for several days of travel.

Tips for saving money

– Avoid weekends if possible. Prices for hotel nights can easily drop from single to triple between weekdays and weekends. If you deal with an online casino portal like Winf, you won’t see the weekend problem.

– Pay attention to resort fees when making hotel reservations. Almost all the hotels on the Strip add additional fees to be paid on the spot and which are not always very well indicated on the online booking platforms. To learn more and see the best deals on hotels on or slightly off the Strip, visit my Las Vegas accommodation special article.

– Do not withdraw money at casinos which generally charge an additional $ 2 to $ 6 per withdrawal with the exception of Casino Royale ($ 1). Instead, prefer banks slightly off the Strip or a few Bank of America ATMs, which can be found on the top floor of the M & Ms Store. Don’t want to see additional charges? Just try Winf!

– Need cheap alcohol? At first, play (slowly) slot machines or video poker at 1cts the bet and wait for a waitress. You can order cocktails or strong alcohol shots as long as you leave a tip when the waitress returns. A dollar per person or more if you want them to come back faster. The second solution, Four Loko beers, available in all Walmart and other convenience stores with an unbeatable alcohol-price ratio. Up to 14% alcohol and almost 70cl for just a few dollars.

– Take the Player Cards tour. Player cards are membership cards (always free) and some small casinos offer a few dollars to play slots or tables for free as well as interesting promotions such as free entry to a buffet. Do not hesitate to ask. You will also earn money (comps) when you play poker ($ 1 to $ 2 per hour) or depending on your slot machine investment. This money is then to be spent in restaurants in the casino or to be converted into gifts or advantages.

– There are still some free parking lots on or near the Strip in the following casinos: Palazzo, SLS, Stratosphere, Treasure Island, Tropicana, Westgate, Westin, Hardrock, Venetian, Wynn…

– Budget yourself before you play, assuming you have x $ cash budget for fun and don’t take anything extra. This is the best way not to do anything at the tables or at the machine. We recommend you to play at Winf.

Free swimming pools

If you are not staying in a large hotel or if you are lacking beautiful swimming pools, be aware that some swimming pools can be accessed free of charge and this even if you are not a resident of the hotel. It depends on the season, the crowds on-site, and the casino policy at the time of your visit. You can inquire directly by going there.

Free attractions

What makes Las Vegas famous are also its attractions and budget shows. But if you don’t want to spend sometimes over a hundred dollars on a show, there are plenty of free attractions. Sometimes you might also stumble upon a few free tickets to less trendy magic shows. The must-see attractions are as follows.

    Bellagio fountains

    The Mirage volcano

    The storm at the Miracle Miles

    The aquarium and the Poseidon show at the Forum Shops

    The giant screen on Fremont Street

There are also many places to visit for free on the Strip that are real attractions.

Don’t forget Downtown Vegas

This is where everything happened in Sin City until the 90s, before the arrival of the Mirage and then the Strip and all its themed casinos. But in recent years, the district has become very fashionable again and nostalgia for old casinos now rubs shoulders with trendy bars, street art, and attractions in a particularly cheeky atmosphere.

Are you ready to visit the Sin City? Do you prefer playing on an online casino? We recommend Winf!

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