Why You Should Not Ignore Crooked Teeth

Only a lucky few are born with the perfect form, yet there are ways that we can improve our appearance. Crooked teeth is a common issue for people as it can affect a person’s self-confidence. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t only teenagers that suffer with a crooked smile. Indeed, many middle-aged people enjoy a straighter smile thanks to orthodontics. Here are a few good reasons to have your teeth straightened.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Let’s face it. Anything that improves the way we look has to be good for the self-confidence that we all need to be a winner. When you visit the popular North Shore dentist Sailors Bay Dentistry, for example, you are taken care of by professionals. After a brief examination, the dentist can make a treatment recommendation to give you a straighter smile. There are usually a few options, and the dentist would make you aware of the pros and cons of each, helping you to make the right treatment choice. He or she can show you some before and after images, which gives you a clear picture of what is possible.

It’s Inexpensive

Having your teeth straightened isn’t going to put a hole in your savings. Search online for a local dentist and ask about teeth straightening while the medical professional carries out an introductory examination. The cost is minor, yet the rewards are long-lasting. You shouldn’t need a repeat treatment after the initial series.


Take the latest innovation, Invisalign, as an example. This clear plastic aligner is formulated specifically to exert constant pressure on certain teeth and over a period of 9-12 months, angled teeth can be straightened. Talk to your local dentist about Invisalign, the device that can be removed when eating and what’s more, it is not visible when worn. Younger people much prefer Invisalign for that very reason, while the older generation are realising that they can improve their appearance within a short time. The only downside is you might experience a dull ache for the first few days of wearing a brace. Persevere and this recedes as the body becomes used to the new growing pattern of the teeth. Resist the temptation to remove the device when sleeping, as this would lengthen the treatment period.

One Stop Solution

When you make an appointment with an orthodontist, he or she can suggest the best treatment, which might be Invisalign or wire braces, depending on the severity of the condition. It might take as long as 18 months to achieve optimum results. The device would need to be replaced at regular intervals, as your teeth begin to slightly move.

Good Career Move

When we are at work, we should always aim to put our best foot forward. With Invisalign and laser teeth whitening, you will look healthier and that will boost your self-esteem. Those who work in sales would benefit greatly from a straighter smile and public speakers should do what they can to improve their appearance.

Talk to your dentist about teeth straightening and see what they have to say.

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