Why You Should Consider African Tours during Low Seasons

Why You Should Consider African Tours during Low Seasons

Not many people want to go on a vacation during the rainy season in Africa. It attracts a gloomy atmosphere and thus the low season.  However, there is beauty in traveling or spending time in Africa during the low season. For example, in Kenya, the low season starts in March and ends in June of which there are long rains. A trip to Africa is not cheap. From the air ticket, to spending time in the hotels, or lodges, there are attractive discounts.

Planning an African safari during the low seasons can come as a good thing on your part. If you are looking to spend less and explore more of what Africa has to offer, then an off-peak season might be the right time for you. At this time, there is hardly any business for the hotels and lodges. It means that you get huge discounts on your stay and manage to experience more. Here are some additional reasons why off-peak seasons in your safari tour are the best:

Avoid congestion

When everyone’s destination is to Africa or East Africa, you will be congested from the airport to your destination. It can thus bring congestion and thus impact heavily on your privacy and budget. When the demand is high, the prices increase and thus you may end up spending more than you anticipated. Alternate, you can scrape off some of the activities to suit your budget. Off-peak seasons come on a budget due to less congestion and thus admirable.

Spoilt for choice

It can be the best time to visit those places that are expensive during on-peak seasons. At this time, there are huge discounts on the places you can visit. You can go on a budget African safari. You do not have to worry about the price and thus you are spoiled for choice on the places you can visit. Even the hotels have discounts for people who want to spend their vacation. You can travel and explore the best sceneries and destinations and still spend less when compared to high peak seasons.

Blend with the locals

At this time, most tourists or visitors are not around which means that you may have time to blend in with the locals. You can walk around in the shopping malls or marketplace to buy Maasai beads and curios while on an East African safari. It gives you the comfort to explore and walk around without attracting too much attention from the locals as a foreigner. The best thing about this is that you can talk to locals and understand their culture.

Take advantage of the warm weather   

Most people do not do well with hot weather. During off-peak seasons, there will either be short or long rains. It means that the weather is perfect for a great getaway. Since it does not rain continuously, you can take time between the rains to explore and see what nature has to offer. You can go for bird watching or take photographs of animals in the wild. It is peaceful during the rainy seasons which give your adventure the needed boost.


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