Why to Hire a Vacation Photographer in Colombo

sri lanka, Colombo

The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a magical and exotic place to visit. With a great combination of beaches, natural areas, and contemporary city style, you’ll have a well-rounded vacation with lots of activities to keep you occupied.

Colombo is also a good place to think about looking for professional local photographers, like the ones from Localgrapher who can give you tips about the best places to do a photo shoot in Colombo.

Naturally Beautiful

No matter what time of year you visit Colombo, there are excellent natural places you can visit to experience the beauty of Sri Lanka. A local photographer will know which areas are best to do a photo shoot certain times of the year. Beddagana Wetland Park is a stunning natural area to visit, which was created as a way to protect the area from flooding. There is also the Galle Face Green, an excellent urban park that was once used by the Dutch army and has been transformed to a beautiful 12-acre area along the coastline which is a great place to get some photos.

Temples and History

When you’re visiting a place with as much history and amazing sites as Colombo, it’s helpful to have a local who knows a bit more about the places. Seema Malaka is a temple located on an island, which was designed by the Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa using a combination of Chinese, Sri Lankan, and Thai architectural styles. Another good cultural place to visit is the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara, a temple that was destroyed several times by invasions by the Indian and Portuguese, but was rebuilt to its former glory to become a top tourist attraction of the city.

Contemporary Style

While Colombo might be a city full of ancient sites and natural wonders, it also enjoys excellent modern development. With a vibrant nightlife scene and some excellent shopping centers, the style of Colombo is a good thing to include in your vacation photos. You can also enjoy your vacation by visiting one of the numerous museums of Colombo, such as the National Museum of Colombo which features important works of art from the country of Sri Lanka.

Day Trips and Nearby Sites

Colombo is a good place to base your vacation in Sri Lanka since it is easy to make day trips to other locations on the island. A famous place is the Arugam Bay Beach, which is full of both excitement and relaxation. You can enjoy water sports and nature hikes as well as scenic places on the beach which are perfect to simply kick back and soak up the sun. Close to Arugam Bay is the Kumana National Park, another stunning natural spot on Sri Lanka and the perfect place to visit if your planning a photo shoot in Sri Lanka.

Coming to the natural paradise of Sri Lanka and the capital of Colombo is guaranteed to be an amazing experience. It’s a good opportunity to look for local photographer prices so you can make sure that the important parts of your vacation are captured. You won’t want to end your vacation without a special way to remember the charm and tropical magic of Colombo. With a local photographer, you won’t have to worry about missing the top sites of the island, and you might have the opportunity to visit some of the lesser known places only locals know about.

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