Why now is the perfect time to quit smoking

Cigarette smoking is at an all-time low, yet there are still millions of Americans who are addicted to tobacco. The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2018, only 13.7% of the country were smokers, yet that still means 49.1 million Americans are still tobacco users. If you’re a smoker who has considered quitting, now is the time. Smokers are far more likely to die from complications related to COVID-19 than non-smokers and the social stigma around forcing others to breathe in secondhand smoke will likely be more intense in years to come. Here is a look at why you should consider smoking today if you are addicted.

Increase Your Lifespan

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the US and kills more than 480,000 Americans every year. The pleasant effects that you get from smoking simply aren’t worth the long-term health risks you’re putting yourself through as a result of being a smoker. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and it diminishes your lung’s ability to keep your body functioning properly. It puts you at greater risk of experiencing life-threatening complications from COVID-19. Plus, if you are diagnosed with other lung diseases like bronchitis or mesothelioma, smoking will make your chances of overcoming those illnesses much more difficult. More information on mesothelioma treatment and prevention is available through the Mesothelioma Cancer Network.

Stop Putting Your Friends and Family at Risk

Every time you light up a cigarette, you are putting the people around you at risk as well. You may go outside or isolate yourself when you smoke. But there will likely be times you can’t avoid other people completely, especially if you are a regular smoker. Experts have made the claim that secondhand smoke can transmit novel coronavirus faster than even normal transmission. Which means, you are not only putting those around you at risk of lung cancer, you’re accelerating the risk of spreading COVID-19. If you care about the people in your life, now is the time to get rid of cigarettes for good.

Avoid Social Stigma

The social stigma around smoking has been increasing for years and it will likely only increase in the wake of COVID-19. People are witnessing in real-time how diminished lung capacity and a compromised immune system can put you at risk for serious complications and smokers will increasingly become pariahs in social environments. Why face the health risks and social ostracization of being a smoker when there are so many treatment options available?

The heyday of Big Tobacco is ultimately over, and cigarette use will likely continue to decline until only a small segment of the population still smokes. It’s unlikely to disappear completely for quite some time, but there is no reason to put yourself in that group if you care about your health and the safety of others. Now is a better time than ever to put the cigarettes away for good and embrace a healthier lifestyle.  

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