Who is U Jin Jo, the mysterious founder revolutionizing consumer technology industry? 

U Jin Jo, U Jin CEO, U Jin Jo model

I did some digging over the weekend, and here are 5 fun facts about U Jin:

1. She used to be a petite model.

She has beautiful facial features and an ethnically ambiguous exotic appearance. With a curvy figure and gorgeous flowy hair, it is somewhat unsurprising that she used to be a petite model. During her high school years, she featured on a high-profile paparazzi Instagram page with her friends in the entertainment industry on the street of SoHo. She’s occasionally seen with high-profile professional athletes as well.

 U Jin Jo

U Jin Jo
U Jin Jo

2. She is a university student.

Not just any university, the University of Oxford. One of the best institutions in the world. She now seems to be keeping busy with schoolwork at university. U Jin seems to take her education seriously, as she also attended competitive boarding schools for both elementary and high school. Either way, she got to Oxford, which means she was a serious student.

3. She is an athlete.

It looks like she has been in competitive sports for a long time. During high school, she was varsity soccer captain and cross-country runner and was part of the NCAA rowing team. She seems to keep an active lifestyle. She was also recruited for Ice Hockey, soccer, and running to colleges but chose to go to an academically-focus school instead.

4. She comes from a wealthy family.

She comes from one of the wealthiest families in South Korea. She, however, seems to separate herself from her family and is paving her path. She also doesn’t share a lot on social media other than couple pictures of her family, so it is difficult to know the in-depth details of her family.

5. All her companies are consumer-based technology with a clear mission to make the world a better place.

Slashy Market, DURUM Space, and CELER Storage are all purpose-driven companies. They all seem to tackle sustainability and accessibility issues. Her compassion for others is evident in her philanthropic work as well-very inspiring!

Overall, she seems like a down-to-earth, cool girl who would be a great role model for young women. But most importantly, she seems like the type of girl I would love to have margarita with over the weekend. I am excited to see what the future has in store for her!

Her main social media seems to be Instagram. Follow her Instagram.com/ujin___jo.

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