What Your Engagement Ring Says About Your Style

engagement ring

Your engagement ring may be one of the most special pieces of jewelry you’ll ever wear short of your wedding ring. While many brides opt for the more traditional diamond round stones there are some who prefer more dramatic cuts and colorful gems. Here is a look at some of today’s more popular engagement ring styles and how they may reflect on your personal style.

Colorful Diamonds & Gemstones

You’re a non-traditionalist who loves to be bold and isn’t afraid to go against the grain. Colorful diamonds and gemstones are fun and stand out from the crowd. According to diamond experts, colorful gemstones will become more popular in 2017 in the form of accents.  On the other hand, a solitaire emerald or ruby engagement ring gives off a vintage and glamorous appeal. Celebrities who have donned emerald rings include Beyonce, Amal Clooney and Elizabeth Taylor.

Round Cut

You’re have an affinity for anything that is timeless, classic and elegant. Round cut engagement rings are perennial classics and the most common brilliant cut-diamond. It’s also extremely popular; nearly 75% of all engagement rings sold in the U.S are round cut.  These will give you the most sparkle for your money as the 58 facets enable light to travel all the way from the bottom to the top. Picking a more daring band can give your ring a more distinct appearance. For example, Baunat offers diamond engagement rings with white gold, platinum, yellow gold and red gold bands.

Princess Cut

You’re ladylike yet fun; qualities which emulate this ring’s appeal. Princess cut rings are the most popular after round cut. Sparkle can be intense due to the high number of facets which makes any flaws less visible to the naked eye. These are also excellent if you’re on a budget because they are one of the leat expensive diamonds to create.


You have a love for the majestic and beautiful. The marquise cut was first seen during the reign of Louis XIV. The very first marquise ring was presented by the King himself to one of his mistresses.

This dramatic cut features an oval shape with rounded sides. Due to its cut a marquise diamond can appear larger than it it is. Marquise diamonds are also particularly flattering on the fingers due to their shape.

Rose Gold

You’re trendy and not afraid to mix and match your fashions. Rose gold is a lovely warm colored hue that is immensely flattering to many skin tones and currently a hot trend when it comes to jewelry including watches, earrings and necklaces. When combined with a diamond stone the combination is stunning and strikingly different compared to all diamond rings.

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