What The Heck Is Sugaring, And Is The Hair Removal Treatment Better Than Waxing?

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Body sugaring is a gentle, safe and modern method to depilate all parts of the body with a sugar paste. Sugar hair removal works perfectly for all skin and hair types, in men and women. The paste consist of sugar, water and lemon juice.

Sugaring is hair removal with sugar paste that consists of 100% natural ingredients. The sugar paste does not become hot like wax. The sugar paste is heated to body temperature so that the sugar paste remains as a liquid and does not become hard. This is a skin-friendly and less painful way of depilation.

The hairs are pulled out in the direction of growth and not in the opposite direction. In this way the hairs are not broken down but pulled out together with the root. This reduces hair growth. The hair does not break off and therefore doesn’t grow back. Hair becomes thinner, softer, lighter and reduces in growth.

What are the advantages compared to waxing?

Body Sugaring is much less painful and is also recommended for people with sensitive skin. So when it comes to waxing vs sugaring – difference and comparison body Sugaring has a lot of advantages. Sugar hair removal can also be used in people who suffer from psoriasis or varicose veins.

The sugar paste is transparent in color and is applied very thin to the skin. The sugar hair removal is applied with a spatula. And you can expect to remain free of hair for 3 to 8 weeks.

Body sugaring is a less painful alternative to hair removal with wax. Sugar softens the skin and there are no damages and allergic reactions. In the past sugar was frequently used for wound care because sugar disinfects. The sugar hair removal can be used anywhere, even on the face, your bikini line, belly or back. Eventually the treatments lead to a reduction of hair. In contrast to ordinary waxing, the hairs are removed in the natural hair growth direction and therefore break down less quickly. That is why ingrown hair is largely a thing of the past. Very short hairs are also not a problem with sugar hair removal.

The sugaring paste is a mixture of natural ingredients without chemical additives. So you do not have to be afraid of harmful side effects. Sugar hair removal also ensures that dead skin cells are removed, leaving the skin looking silky soft and healthy.

Body sugaring

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