What Should You Have In Your Jewelry Making Kit?

Have you ever browsed through a jewelry selection and felt inspired to create your own? The jewelry industry is worth approximately $348 billion annually, which says a lot about our love of jewelry.

Making jewelry can be fun and easy–if you know what items you need in your jewelry making kit. However, you may be wondering what tools are required to get you started with this creative hobby.

Interested in making your own pieces? Read on to learn how to build your jewelry making kit.


When it comes to jewelry making tools, pliers are your go-to. Use them to open jump rings and wrap the ends of your wires. Flathead pliers with a smooth surface will be your most helpful tool for jewelry making tasks.

You can also use round-nose pliers. These will help you make loops, hoops, and clasps out of your wire. For a perfectly smooth curve, make sure you keep a pair of these in your jewelry making tool kit.

Creating neat bends and straightening out your wire will take practice. Nylon tipped pliers are very handy. 


Wires are essential for jewelry making and come in a variety of materials. Rose gold, copper, aluminum, and sterling silver are some of the most commonly used materials.

When we refer to the size of the wire, we use the word “gauge.” Oddly enough, the thinner the wire, the higher the gauge number. Your jewelry making kit will require the three most common sizes. 

  • 24-gauge wire for a stronger hold and beads with larger holes
  • 26-gauge wire for most beads and easy wire-wrapping
  • 28-gauge wire for delicate, thin beads with tiny holes 

Many precious stones and beads will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ensuring the proper wire gauge is essential to make your jewelry more durable. 


Beads come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. The fun part is finding your favorite ones when putting together a piece.

Many beads are made from gemstones. They can be semi-precious (as they include natural gems like amethyst, jade, and sapphire) or manufactured materials. Metal beads for jewelry are also very trendy, versatile and can give some edge to your pieces. 

Make sure you also have a bead organizer. They can be sorted by color, size, and bead type. This makes them easily accessible while you’re in the flow of creating a piece.


You might think that clasps for your jewelry are one-size-fits-all, but it’s essential to have different types of clasps in your jewelry making kit. Certain pieces will require specific clasps to make them more wearable or more sturdy.

Spring Hook Clasps

These are metal rings with a small spring inside that compress when you pull the tiny lever. It leaves an opening for you to pop the ring inside, and once you release the lever, the chain is locked in place. 

This is one of the most functional and commonly used clasps in everyday jewelry. 

Barrel Clasps

These are made by screwing together two pieces of metal that form a barrel-shaped clasp. Though it is very sturdy, maneuvering this clasp can be tricky and does require two hands.

Your Jewelry Making Kit Must-Haves

Making jewelry is enjoyable and rewarding with the correct items and tools. For a professional jewelry making kit, you want to include all of these essential items. From necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, making your own jewelry is a rewarding hobby and can make a great personalized gift to a loved one.

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