What Is an Organic Manicure? 5 Benefits of Non-Toxic Nail Polish

organic manicure

We all love a manicure. An instant mood booster that makes you feel well polished. 

The US nail salon industry will be worth a staggering $15.55 billion by 2024. Which trends are going to fuel this, though?

One of the biggest beauty trends of the past few years has been organic, natural, and cruelty-free products. Your nail varnish shouldn’t be one of the products left out in an eco upgrade of your beauty cabinet.

Let’s examine why an organic manicure is an excellent option if you are looking for a more healthy way to color your nails. 

1. An Organic Manicure Is Non-Toxic

You can recognize the smell of nail polish a mile off, you know, that combination of paint and chemicals.

The pungent smell you associate with nail polish is there because the chemicals used to make nail varnish aren’t particularly healthy.

Think chemicals like toluene (a solvent used to synthesize petrol), formaldehyde (a toxic poison that can cause burns), and dibutyl phthalate (used as a plasticizer). 

Many brands now claim to be 3-free which means they have eliminated those three chemicals from their formulas. But this doesn’t mean the nail polishes are paraben-free or free from other harmful substances. 

The names of these chemicals may not stick in your head, but they can seriously mess with your body. From hormone alteration to dizziness, asthma, and in extreme cases even cancer, these chemicals can cause some severe side effects. 

2. Vegan Nail Polish Is Cruelty-Free

If you have an organic manicure, chances are your nails will be painted with vegan nail polish. If it is labeled as vegan, it must be cruelty-free. 

Most mainstream cosmetics companies still test on animals, even if they don’t shout about it. Be kind and choose a polish that doesn’t harm animals! 

3. Organic Manicures Are Better for the Environment 

The chemicals in classic nail polish are not only harmful to your health but also the environment. If you choose to have a manicure with non-toxic nail polish, you will be doing your bit to reduce your impact on the planet. 

Many vegan nail polishes are also sold in environmentally-friendly packages too. 

4. Support an Eco-Friendly Salon

Having a non-toxic manicure will also support an eco-friendly salon. We need more of these salons to pop up if we want to impact change in the nail industry. 

Vote for your ethics with your dollar and support a salon that represents your values. Try a green salon such as www.inscapebeautysalon.com

5. Don’t Damage Your Nails

Gel manicures and manicures with toxic polish can do some serious damage to your nails. If you choose to go for a non-toxic manicure, you can nourish your nails while making them look beautiful! 

Gone are the days of brittle, weak nails that are cracked and broken. The chemicals in traditional products caused this. Organic products don’t cause damage.  

Chose Your Color and Get to the Salon

Now you know the reasons for choosing healthier nail polish options, you can be more discerning when selecting a salon to get your nails done. 

You thought there was no better feeling than newly painted nails; wait until you have a fresh organic manicure! Don’t worry; you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to color options. Enjoy. 

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