What is a General Dentist Nepean?

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General Dental Professionals are the primary care providers for all aged patients and oral health concerns. They help treat both you and your family and will care for you entire oral health. Oral health is a staple in keeping a healthy body in general. Your Nepean general dentist takes charge of treatments and coordination and diagnosis your health needs. If you need extra specialized oral procedures, your general dental practitioners will work with other dental professionals to make certain you get the care you and your family need.

Where can general dentists practice?

General dental practitioners make up the major majority of the 150,000 dentist operating in North America. Some general dentist own their very own practices, while others will partner with other dentist to form a group practice in an office. Some specify their practice to work in research programs, higher education training, corporations, government health offices, and even serve specifically the military.

What sorts of procedures can general dentists offer?

Often general dentist are highly trained and educated on the full spectrum of dental procedures. Not just specializing in one narrow area of practice, they will provide all sorts of different services for both you and your family. Treatments such as:

– Dental Implants

– Denture Work

– Teeth Cleanings

– Cosmetic Procedures

– Crowns and Bridges

– Gum Disease Treatment

– Home Dental Care Instruction

– Mouth Guards

– Restorative Care

– TMJ/TMD Therapy

– Nutrition Counselling

– Root Canal Therapy

– Sealants

– Tobacco Cessation

– Oral Surgery

What is the Difference between a DDS and a DMD?

The only difference is the one letter! Both of these dentist professionals receive the exact same education and have to complete the same requirements. DMD means a Doctor of Dental Medicine, while DDS will stand for a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Both require many years of education both in class and in practice to receive such titles.

How much post secondary education is required to practice as a general dentist?

To practice as a general dental professional, a minimum of three years of undergraduate college (Usually with a strong foundation in sciences) with an additional four years in dental school is the requirement. After graduation, dental practitioners must take a licensing examination which is required by provincial law in the province where they will practice. Each and every licensed practicing dentist has many years and cases under their belts so you can feel confident knowing they have the best training to serve you and your family.

A Final Thought about general dentistry

Your family Dentist Nepean cares about the long-term health of both you and your family. Oral health being a pillar of overall health and happiness. Practicing general dentist are dedicated to learning and practicing to stay up to date with the most current procedures to provide the best possible service for you and your family.

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