What Everyone Should Be Wearing This Summer


Not everybody takes their fashion cues from the catwalks. If we did, we’d all walk around looking like people from the Capitol in the Hunger Games. That being said, every now and again they come out with some trends that are doable. Here’s what everyone should be wearing this summer!

Super Bright Colors

The catwalks were not short of bright colors, with dazzling pinks, emerald greens, and peacock blues all over the place. Make sure you wear your favorite color loud and proud!

Pretty Florals

Florals were there too, of all different sizes and structures. This is one of the prettiest trends to wear, so try toughing it up with a leather jacket so it doesn’t look so girly!

Cool Stripes

Stripes too – vertical ones can make us look slimmer, yay! If horizontals more your jam, that’s fine too. Earn your stripes!

Mixed Up Patterns and Textures

Mixed up patterns and textures were everywhere too, so don’t be afraid to mix your florals and stripes, or just about anything else you want really. Don’t scrimp on the texture of your outfit; aim to make it look as touchable as possible!

Statement Bags

Statement bags were carried by just about every model. Small, large, bright, bold – they were all there. Get yours in a super bright color to channel the brights trend, or a pattern for the pattern trend. Take a look at the following shapes to help you find your ideal bag for the summer season!


Credit to: Welden Bags

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  • Reply March 30, 2017

    Heather Noire

    Since the season’s are changing, I am carrying around my new Neverful tote that I love so much. Especially, when I have been traveling. I love that it is Spring and Summer time. The perfect occasion to be trying out some gorgeous florals as well. Love your list, hope you have an amazing week 🙂

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