What Are the Different Types of Soaps That Exist Today?


When it comes to picking out the soap you use every day, if you’re like most people you make your decision based on scent. But did you know there’s a lot more that can go into your choice than meets the nose?

The world of soap is wider than you may think, and they’re certainly not all the same! Here are some of the different types of soaps you can get today!

Soap Types by Manufacturing Method

It’s always the same chemical reaction that creates soap, but the environment that reaction occurs in does have a small effect on the finished product. However, most of the features of the soap come from specific ingredients rather than the process.

The cold process is used by most soapmakers. It means that no extra heat is involved during soapmaking. The other type is the hot process, which does add heat, and results in a smoother bar.

Small changes in the technique of creation also lead to different types of soap. Glycerin soap retains the glycerin that the toiletry industry generally removes. Involving an alcohol solution in the creation process results in transparent soap.

Soap Types by Usage

Cosmetic soaps generally use the same cleaning agents, but in different amounts. They can be organized into three grades, with grade one having the highest cleaning power and grade three the lowest.

Each grade of soap can be further organized by usages, such as whether it’s made for the face or the hands. Other usages include dish soap, laundry soap, and medicated soap meant to heal fungus, bacteria, or skin diseases.

Glycerin soaps will make your skin softer and have great moisturizing effects. On the other hand, transparent soaps fight against oily skin. How you use it definitely changes the best soaps for your personal hygiene!

Soap Types by Form

Bar soaps and liquid soaps have some surprising differences as well. To end up with their distinct forms, they use different types of lye. Liquid soaps also use more water.

Perhaps the most unexpected difference is that many liquid soaps are not true soap! Soapmakers use synthetic detergents in place of real soap. However, the best liquid soap does not sacrifice cleaning power!

Soap Types by Ingredients

This is where the real differences start to show between different types of soap. The oil and other ingredients used will affect the lather. They will also offer different benefits.

For instance, Mad Viking beard soap offers a soap designed to fight acne and skin conditions. Other soaps may focus efforts on moisturization or exfoliation.

Of course, the most common reason behind different ingredients is to create unique scents! Some of the best soaps even have therapeutic ingredients added in.

Learn More About Types of Soaps Now

Now that the world of soap is more open to you, you can better choose which are the best soaps for you! But don’t stop here – there’s a lot more to know about types of soaps and how they affect you!

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