What Are Ketone Drinks, And How Can They Help Fuel Your Body?

Full disclosure: this blog isn’t about to try and sell you ketones drinks. If you have ever been “sold” a drink or pill that promises to change your life and flatten your tummy, you will know how frustrating it can be to be told that you’ve been living all wrong until now, and that this special product will revolutionise your very existence. It can be exhausting to navigate social media without getting sucked into influencers’ profiles who are constantly pedalling one product or another, most of which they have probably never even used themselves. You won’t find that here! In this blog you will find out more about ketone drinks, the pros and cons, and whether it might be right for you. No pressure, no sales pitch.

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What are ketones?

Ketones are natural chemicals which are produced by your liver to help your body break down fat. They are highly complicated chemical structures, but in simple terms, they are produced after fasting, starvation, long periods of exercise and other circumstances to help our bodies fuel and keep going even when there is barely any food in our system. They are, essentially, survivalist chemicals your body produces when it is struggling to cope with the amount of fuel you are giving it.

What are ketone drinks?

If ketones are naturally produced in our bodies, why do we need to drink them? This might be the question on your lips right now. The answer is simply that these chemical structures are said to make us feel the power-up energy that occurs naturally when they are produced in our bodies, without having to fast first. Ketone drinks have become highly popular with fitness fanatics in the past few years; they are small, shot-like drinks with zero protein, carbs or fat in them. They contain pure ketones and are said to give our bodies a high energy boost which will allow you to operate efficiently. Think of it like an energy drink which draws on your body’s natural chemical structure to help it power up and feel energised.

If you are interested in hearing real testaments from those who have regularly consumed ketone drinks, both good and bad, check out health bloggers such as Katie Rollins who shares her ketone journey and how it has affected her life!

Are there risks to ketone drinks?

Some health experts consider ketone drinks to be a new fad which don’t have much actual effect, while others swear by their energising powers as well as stating that ketone drinks help their bodies feel and look renewed, less bloated and much more capable.

There are risks, however, to any relatively new development. Just like contemporary vitamins, shots and other recent food product development, the long term effects of ketone drinks are unknown. Make sure you speak to a health professional before you go ahead and try ketone drinks for yourself.

In conclusion, ketone drinks might change your life – or you might decide they’re just a diet fad like anything else!

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