Welcome the bodycon style in your wardrobe

Bodycon style clothes are hot. They follow your curves and give instant glamour to your look. Whether on the plane to a sunny destination or during lunch with your friends.

Ready for a bodycon lesson? Below we explain how to wear this bodycon dress style, and how to combine these tight must-have outfits.

How do you wear a bodycon dress?

Buy a bodycon dress. Put it on. Feel great. Whatever size or shape your body has, bodycon is always possible. So don’t feel unsure about this look. Garden parties, weddings, vacations: go for bodycon.

When can I wear a bodycon dress?

Bodycon is actually always possible. Our tip: go for a black one. That is easy to combine and style.

A few suggestions for good occasions to go for bodycon:

  • A summer wedding – Wear a simple half-length bodycon dress. With your hair nicely done and a pair of heels underneath you will soon be on all photos.

  • A first date – Wear trendy sneakers and a hoodie for a cheerful casual look.

  • A beach party – Leave your sandals at home, paint yourself with UV paint and dance barefoot in the sand.

  • An office without air conditioning – Bodycon is comfortably cool, even when it is warm inside and the air conditioning is not working. You can wear a thin blazer for an important meeting.

  • On the dance floor – Chic jewelry and elegant heels go perfectly with a bodycon dress. Salt spray in your hair for a beach look, tanned skin … Dance all night long.

Bodycon dresses are very simple to style. Neat or casual, it is both possible. With sandals underneath you have a relaxed beach look; with a pair of heels you are ready for an evening out on the town. A tight dress with thin straps looks great on a shirt: for a nice alternative look. Go for matching sets and high sneakers and you have a great outfit for traveling. Just do whatever you want.

How do you integrate bodycon in your wardrobe?

Dress versus skirt

The bodycon style is generally limited to skirts and dresses. What is the best thing to start with if you don’t have much experience with this look? A skirt is an easy way to get acquainted with fitting clothes. You can go on with it all summer long.

Do you have a lot of confidence? Then put on a dress and show your curves. A pair of heels underneath can also do wonders for your self-confidence. Many women like to wear shapewear under such a dress.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a dress or skirt you can also go for fitted jumpsuits for women.

Go for layers by wearing a kimono over your close-fitting dress or jumpsuit. Crocheted and knitted items provide a casual look. You can also wear sandals with thin straps. Throw your hair loose, and you are all set for dinner and parties. Or for dancing at festivals.

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