Weird And Wonderful Things To Do In Washington DC

When visiting DC for the first time, there are a few obvious attractions you’ll likely want to see including the White House, the Capitol building and the Lincoln memorial. However, there’s a lot more to do in the nation’s capital than simply checking off these famous landmarks. For a more unique trip, why not also try giving some of these more alternative attractions a go?

Go ghost-hunting in Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park is a seven-acre park located north of the White House. A lot of people visit this park to see the historic statues – but there are other remnants of the past that you may be able to see here. In fact, it’s a very popular location for ghost sightings. Try the Ghosts of Lafeyette Park tour after dark for a chance to see these spectres, as well as learning about the tales of conspiracy and death that haunt the area.

Taste beer in The Brewmaster’s Castle

The Brewmaster’s Castle is a historic house built in the 1890s – and it literally looks like a castle. Wealthy European beer brewer, Christian Heurich, built the castle and lived in it until 1945. You can now visit the castle and drink a beer in his honor. In fact, it’s become a popular venue for beer events, including a monthly beer tasting event called ‘History and Hops’.

Ogle the grisly exhibits of the National Museum of Health And Medicine

The National Museum of Health and Medicine contains almost 25 million artefacts. Making up these artefacts are some oddly grisly items including the bullet that killed President Lincoln (along with fragments of his skull), a human hairball and General Sickle’s amputated leg. You’ll learn a lot about the human body and medicine, while also learning a lot of unusual history.

Explore espionage artefacts at The International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum is dedicated to espionage and is full of all kinds of gadgets and unusual items used by real life secret agents. On top of historical items, you’ll also find spy movie memorabilia here. There are lots of interactive exhibits along the way that help to make it a very unique museum.

See the Darth Vader gargoyle at Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral isn’t just any cathedral. It has some pretty odd contents and features – one being the Darth Vader gargoyle on the outside. There’s also a real piece of moon rock here embedded in a stained glass window. President Wilson’s remains also reside here, previously kept in a crypt below the cathedral and now located in the nave.

Enjoy a vibrant night out in Georgetown

Georgetown is known for its vibrant nightlife including its many bars, restaurants and jazz venues. Take a break from the historic attractions by planning a night out here. For a luxurious night out, why not look into a luxury car service in Washington and visit one of the city’s best fine dining restaurants. Alternatively, there are plenty of more affordable places to eat and drink if you’re on a tight budget. Georgetown can also be a great place to find a hotel for your stay.

Take a walk through the National Arboretum

DC’s National Arboretum is a stunning botanical garden sprawling over 446 acres. You’ll find many rare plants here as well as several historic monuments. Get away from the urban hustle-bustle by taking a peaceful walk here.

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