Wedding Invitation Disasters To Avoid With Help From Basic Invite

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Is it time to order wedding invitations? Save yourself time and stress by reading through these common disasters so that you can completely avoid them. Learn how to create, proof, and order your invitations without falling into common pitfalls. Basic Invite is an online stationery company that has figured out ways to help brides order their invites, hassle free!

Oops! I Spelled The Venue’s Name Wrong

We’ve all made spelling errors, and usually it is no big deal. One or two people might notice your mistake, but in general, we’re not communicating with hundreds of people in print. Before you place an order for two hundred marriage invitations, all of which have an important date, name, or location spelled wrong, triple check your invitation.

Basic Invite makes this easy for you. After you choose from over 800 invitation sets and customize it to your liking with over 180 custom colors, you can order a sample printed invitation. Show this to at least three people who can help you spot your mistakes. Once you are confident that everything is correct, you can place your bulk order.

It Looked Great Online, But…

Your printed sample from Basic Invite can also help you assess the quality of the invitation and the way the custom colors look in person, off of the screen. Many online retailers don’t offer a printed sample, which means that you might get a paper product that is sub-par.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because it looks good online, it will feel good in your hand. The weight, feel, and appearance of your physical invitation is important.

Oh No! I Spent Way Too Much

You’ve made a wedding budget, and you try hard to stick to it. One common mistake that brides can make is to overspend. This might happen if you make decisions without considering the price, or let your emotions override your reason.

Basic Invite helps brides keep track of expenses by offering invites in a wide range of prices. The prices are listed on the invitation sets right up front, so you know exactly what you are getting into.

This way, you can browse through only the invitations that are within your price range and stick to your budget. Depending on your target price, you can look at invitations that cost less than a dollar, or look through luxury wedding invitation sets.

I Didn’t Think Ahead, and Now Nothing Matches!

Don’t make the mistake of ordering a “Save the Date” card or engagement party invite without thinking ahead. Ensure that all of your wedding stationery matches and is aligned with your wedding theme and style.

Each of the Basic Invite wedding invitations is a part of a set. Pick out a suite that includes the stationery that will be sent out immediately, as well as the cards that will be sent later on — all the way up to your thank you cards after the wedding is over!

It may be your first time ordering wedding invitations, but you don’t have to stumble through the process, learning from your mistakes as you go. You can get it right, avoid mistakes, and send out perfect invites!

Order a custom sample so that you and your team can proofread the print and see the quality up close. Keep price in mind so that you can stick to your budget, and choose an invitation set so that all of your stationery matches. Have fun picking out beautiful, unique cards that are true to your style!

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