Vanity Number Plates – What is the Fuss About?

vanity number plates

All of you would’ve come across a vanity number plates on the street. These custom made plates have captivated everyone’s attention, they have received a great upsurge in their popularity and trust me it’s not stopping there.

vanity number plates

Photo by NICHOLAS BYRNE on Unsplash

In North America, more than 9.5 million people have got their own private number plates with Virginia having the highest rate. You might have wondered what this hype is all about? Aren’t these just fancy number plates?

Nope, these are much more than that.

Personalized Experience

The main reason that has driven many people to pay more for these plates than a state issued plate is the personalized feeling you get that’s attached to your sentiments with the car. And it makes it all unique and different than the regular ones.

It’s a Signature

Vanity plates have become a signature, it’s not about a plate any more. It represents who you are and determines your status accordingly. That’s why many brands have used customized plates for their advertisements.

It’s Fun

Choosing an eccentric combination of letters and numbers can be fun. The extent to which people have gone to name their plate is hilarious; no wonder why a vanity plate grabs everyone’s eye. Another option that you can try with this number is 4D reg plates.


Since these plates are distinctive in their own sense that means no one can copy you. You can resell them whenever you want. Some people have even sold their plates for as much as 20 times more than what they actually paid for them!

Bottom Line

These vanity plates represent your innovation and preserve originality. They are an awesome gift for your loved ones. No one is going to know how old your car is, if you decide to go dateless.

So what’s stopping you from getting one with your own weird funny combination of alphabets?

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