UpBra review: give your boobs an instant lift

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You can use the straps between the chest to tighten and have a push up effect.

I did not believe that there was a bra that could help my boobs look better. But the UpBra gave me the cleavage and the lift which I never thought possible. It’s like an instant boob job without the surgery! I love to wear it under my sheer tops since the lift looks so natural.

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Perfect looking breasts under sheer tops

UpBra is a comfortable and innovative bra that allows a fuller and larger breast appearance, adding up to two sizes. Comfortable, lightweight, completely invisible!  Ideal for your favorite outfit, because it allows you to wear t-shirts, sheer tops and dresses. Or use the strapless bra for open shoulder outfits. The UpBra gives the impression of perfect breasts, without seeing a bra. Thanks to the push-up effect, UpBra makes your breasts look bigger two sizes or more! If you don’t know the size of your bra don’t worry they have a mobile bra size calculator. You can get the App for free: https://www.upbra.com/sec_app.htmI

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Use the hidden straps

wear it every day, in the evening when I go out, but also for work or just leisure time. Some bra’s can be uncomfortable but the UpBra is very comfortable to wear. My favorite is the skin color bra. You can use the straps between the chest to tighten and have a push up effect. They lift the breasts so it looks natural. You can choose how much you want them to lift which is great. For example during the day you might not want to lift them to much but when you go out in the evening its great to have a bigger lift. For beachwear visit Cooltan and get a tan right through swimwear and shirts.



  • An innovative, eye-friendly design
  • Comfortable, without seams and clips
  • Raises and strengthens the breasts
  • With an integrated hidden ficheline for maximum breast lift
  • Padded soft and gentle touch
  • Easy to install and remove – without adhesion effect
  • Super-light push-up bra
  • Self-adhesive bra

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