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personal style

It’s 2016 and women are busier than ever. We’re running our own businesses, we’re raising families, and we’re being real life superheroes while looking finer than ever. But some days are more hectic than others, and it’s imperative we put our best foot forward. But how do we achieve this effortless level of casual cool? By re-evaluating our definition of personal style!

We’ve barreled into the new year, and there are many resolutions that have fallen to the wayside. With the assistance of stylist and fashion blogger Sophie Mae Style, the transition into identifying your personal style is an adventure rather than a mind numbing and stressful burden. Sophie Mae Style is helping you clean out your closet and create a streamlined, well-manicured rendition of yourself. Finally, someone has an eye to turn you into the woman you have always wanted to be. This exercise is not for the faint of heart, rather a great opportunity to get a tailored and helpful guide to your personal style.

personal style


This idea may sound appealing to some while making others uneasy. It’s hard to separate yourself from the routine of constantly adding new pieces to your wardrobe. Sophie Mae offers the custom experience of the “Style-Setter Spree Package”, in which you work with the style influencer to understand how to successfully build your wardrobe based on your specific budget and lifestyle needs.

Designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Vera Wang, and Tom Ford all wear renditions of their favorite power outfits. That’s the biggest upside of the paired down wardrobe: you give yourself easy access to the looks that make you feel your most confident, sexy, powerful, and utterly unstoppable.

Sophie Mae isn’t just about re-styling your wardrobe, her services are focused on rebranding and rebuilding her client’s sense of self. It is important to teach the client how to exist in the ever-changing world of fashion as her own person. With each enhancing service, Sophie Mae Style includes a yearlong magazine subscription to InStyle. The stylist herself suggests keeping up with what’s going on around you to build and improve your own personal style. Offering hourly styling and shopping appointments, these services are available to even the busiest client. Sophie Mae Style also offers specific event styling, as well as full wardrobe makeovers.

There’s no better time to burst into summer on a positive note, with an updated wardrobe and sense of accomplishment only the talented Sophie Mae Style can help you achieve. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re in good hands with Sophie Mae Style. To find out more about the styling packages offered, and for updated blog posts on beauty and fashion, visit Sophie Mae’s blog –  http://sophiemaestyle.com/

personal style


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