Traveling Alone For The First Time? Here’s How To Stay Safe

Traveling on your own, when you’re usually surrounded by a large group of friends and family, is honestly such a huge step to take. You can feel anxiety at the very idea, and trying to plan ahead for such a trip can make you want to cancel the whole thing entirely!

However, if you’re someone who loves to follow their wanderlust, traveling alone is a great experience to have under your belt. And if you are worried about your safety when there’s no one around to bounce off of, here are some tips to keep in mind as a solo traveler.

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Spend a Little More on Your Accommodation to Feel Safe

If you want to travel alone for the first time but staying in a more affordable hostel makes your anxiety worse, splash out a little more cash for a secure hotel room. It’s worth the cost if it’s going to give you peace of mind, so don’t feel bad for going a little over budget here. This is your first time away on your own, and you need to help yourself get used to it, and that means you should sleep somewhere you feel safe and comfortable.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Many solo travelers start out by going on road trips; it’s a good way to feel safe, thanks to using a familiar vehicle, and it helps you to find your feet out there on your own. But before you set off, be sure to get your car or van serviced. Take it into a mechanic who can meet its needs, like high-end car maintenance specialists if you’re driving an Audi or a BMW, to be totally sure you’re driving away with a vehicle you can rely on. Let’s save a potential roadside breakdown for your third or fourth solo trip!

Have a Way to Stay in Touch

First of all, make sure your loved ones know where you’re going and have full details of flight times, hotel addresses, and the vehicles you rent along the way. But aside from this, it’s best to have a way to stay in touch with those back home at all times.

Many people turn to using data roaming here; it can be expensive if you don’t take a dongle or hotspot with you, so be sure to add this to your packing list. Put a group chat together to ensure everyone gets the message, and update on a daily basis for peace of mind.

Make Sure You Have Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance covers you in cases of loss, theft, and medical needs, and it’s best to take this ‘better safe than sorry approach’. Travel insurance usually isn’t too expensive to take out either, so there’s not really any reason not to ensure the comprehensive clause is in your policy! Just double check before you add anything to your basket, and shop around for the best deal using comparison websites.

Know Your Scams

Many countries will run scams specifically targeting tourists like you, and it’s best to stay abreast of these. You can check out a list like this for a quick rundown, but you can also join specific destination travel groups on platforms like Facebook to ask around for some more up to date and personal advice.

Of course, it’s just good behavior to be on your guard at all times. Similarly, you should always keep your items in a secure backpack, and never leave that backpack somewhere you can’t see it. You may even want to wear it on your front in crowded or unknown area for safekeeping. Be sure to invest in a good clip lock if you’re also really unsure about the safety of your possessions.

Keep Your Wits About You

And finally, it’s best to keep your wits about you whenever you’re on your own in a place you don’t really know. For example, if you’re checking out the nightlife and you want to grab a drink at the bar, go for a smaller size than you’d usually order.

Don’t drink too much, don’t accept any drinks, and if you’re headed out to eat afterwards, know where you’re going and how to get back. Take a map as well as your phone, and make sure you’ve got some money tucked away safely in case you get lost or stranded.

If you’re about to solo travel for the first time, do what you need to to feel safe, no matter what anyone tells you!

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