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The new trend in travel is luxury wanderlust. Gone are the days of having to slum it around Goa or hostel hop around Thailand if you want to venture to distant shores in an effort to find yourself. Backpacking was once synonymous with gap year adolescents, or people who didn’t quite know their path in life. A new generation of travelers has since emerged. Those individuals who didn’t take a gap year in their youth are now coming to realise what they have missed out on and yearn to see new vistas, meet new people and immerse themselves in new cultures. But they don’t want to slum it. They want to travel in style without breaking the bank.

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Luxury train travel has seen a resurgence with the Tran-Siberian Railway and the Orient Express train tickets being highly sort after. This mode of transport is like a moving hotel, with private cabins, en-suite facilities, gastronomic fine dining carts and the most luxurious bedding. Whereas travelers used to have a backpack and try to secure the cheapest and most uncomfortable seat on a train in Europe, the older traveler and those taking a sabbatical from work to get their wanderlust kicks, don’t want to have to worry about comfort. Heading to the Far East? Check out the stunning gran class of bullet train that will see you traveling at over 300km/h in cream leather seats. While tickets can be expensive, if you go through a specialist broker or you can book a year in advance, you can secure discounts of up to fifty per cent.

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Business class plane travel has been the epitome of air travel for decades. Luxury seats that morph into beds, duck down pillows, Michelin starred meals and the best service in the world is what greets you if you can fork out five thousand pounds for a business class seat on a long haul flight. If you crave a little more privacy and there is a large group of you heading on your travels, it might be cheaper to consider private jet rental. While this may sound way out of your price range, split the cost between a group of dozen people or more and you could find yourself on your very own Learjet for less than a business class plane ticket.

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Luxury cruises are the stuff of dreams, and can be seen as a vacation for the older generation. However, stepping aboard a luxury liner could be the perfect way to venture to far flung destinations. You might fancy a cruise on the Norwegian Fjords, a trip island hopping in the Mediterranean or an exotic cruise in the Caribbean Sea. The luxury cabins are beautiful, you can secure a balcony overlooking the ocean, you might catch sight of dolphins, and there is a reassuring structure to your tour. Stepping off the boat every now and then to enjoy the destination that you are visiting is perfect to regain your land legs, meet new people and try new cuisine.

If you’re keen to satisfy your itchy feet with a bout of wanderlust quenching, consider traveling in style rather than venturing across the globe on a shoestring budget.


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