Top Tips For Keeping You Warm and Stylish In Winter 2021

9/0We all know what it is like to try and strike a balance between keeping warm, dry, and cozy through the autumn and winter but without compromising on fashion and style. As idyllic as it seems, October through to March are not all crisp colorful leaves and hot chocolates. No – you can get on a bus in the sunshine and with blue skies and get off to gale force winds and monsoon-like rains.

Layering up to keep off the winter chill can often leave you looking like the abominable snowman, but dressing well and being comfortable in the summer is much easier! With a little savvy styling and some contemporary layers, though, you can look great even when the weather isn’t.

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You need to weatherproof your apparel if you do not want to have to dip beneath shop canopies on your way to work or stroll into the office trying to stifle the squelching of soaked feet. Start with your footwear; nothing is more uncomfortable than chilly, wet feet. You should ideally have some high-quality waterproof boots, but we understand that if you operate in a smart setting, this is not always possible.

Polishing your leather shoes on a regular basis not only keeps them appearing clean and bright, but it also helps develop a protective coating that keeps water away. Suede shoes can also be coated with a waterproof coating, which keeps your feet dry while also extending the life of your shoes.

Don’t forget about your outerwear; a high-quality raincoat is a must-have. Although a wax coat repels water well, leather coats should be treated with a balm to avoid splitting in colder weather. When the temperature really drops, a Triple F.A.T. Goose coat is well worth looking at.

Neutral colors

While you may enjoy bright colors to brighten your day, the vibrant pastels and neons of the summer and spring might be a little much in the dead of winter. That doesn’t mean you have to wear just black or grey all the time – far from it! Muted and jeweled colors, such as burgundy and maroon instead of blazing red, mustard instead of canary yellow, rusty oranges and coppers, and moss greens, provide a visually interesting pop of color to your ensemble, and practically everyone looks excellent in an autumnal palette.


A hat and scarf alone aren’t enough to protect you from the cold in the fall and winter. To begin, you will need a high-quality hat. Unless you are going to the gym, ditch the baseball hats and instead for a warm beanie or flat cap style hat to look stylish and keep your head and ears warm. A large, knitted scarf is also essential – the longer and chunkier, the better.

Layers are your friend

Layers are the key to remaining warm while also looking fashionable. Several thin layers, not one or two thick layers, are far more effective at keeping you warm than one or two thick layers, despite popular belief. Choose a lightweight cotton base layer and layer it with a brushed cotton shirt, hoodie, or knitted sweater.

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