Top reasons why Barbados is the place to visit this summer

Barbados, Caribbean

Summer vacations are some of the most ruthless months of the year. Most years you would have your family knocking at the door asking for a holiday and you would have nothing to tell them. We’ve all been in that place, between work and the daily activities; we don’t plan our vacations well.

It is also true that vacations are needed though. Who does not want a luxury villa to themselves on the lazy summer evenings where they can watch the sunsets? Barbados can provide all that and more. With an ample number of houses for rent in Barbados, it would be a great blunder if don’t get one for yourself and your family.

Barbados is a lazy island in the Caribbean, it provides you with beaches, adventures and all the quiet you might need for getting out of the monotonous daily life.

Plus, going to a new country means you indulge in their culture and learn a lot more about other people. We all need that immersion away from the same old people anyway. Just imagine, your children, your wife and you sitting in a villa, and looking at the world move at its own pace. Having trouble? I will give you some more things to look forward to.

The long beaches

Depending on the coast where you land in, Barbados will always have something new to offer. The West Coast has dramatic sunsets that make you forget your tiredness. You can go to an untouched beach and have dinner with the locals, or go to a popular beach and dance to Reggae music all night.

This also means that in some untouched beaches you will find an ever-increasing number of animals walking by your side. If being along with sea turtles and crabs is what soothes you, Barbados offers that and more.

My personal recommendation is for Cattlewash beach on the east coast, it’s hard to love with rugged rocks and sharp waves, but, it is quiet and calmer than most beaches I have been to. Walk along with your lover for the length of the evening, or simply have a glass of wine against the glaring Atlantic winds. It also has pools which you can rest in if you feel tired.

The music

Barbados is filled with raucous music for the Bohemian soul. Dance your night away with Reggae or dance to jazz in the beaches. With helpful locals at every corner and the noise always being soulful, you will find it hard to think back to work for days at an end.

Caribbean jazz is different but, like the place itself, it provides for one of the best tunes to dance to. And trust me, with untouched beaches like the ones Barbados has, you want to dance with your significant other, and never let go.

The cuisine

I wonder if anyone can imagine a vacation without food. Barbados has its unique cuisine that is surprisingly varied. Sure, you can have lobster dinners with posh rice, but, the local food is more than filling and has a particular charm, you should not miss.

Get yourself some flying fish for testing out new waters, and mix it up with all the locally grown produce. The people in the Caribbean know their seafood, so no matter what fish is your poison, you will have something for yourself to fall in love with.

You would get coconut bread at shops and can indulge in the local delicacy of fish cakes. If you feel tempted to eat like home, the local people make some of the most succulent pork and chicken on the planet.

The corals

If you get yourself to Miami Beach, which is the most popular beach on the island, you will get the chance to snorkel and find yourself untouched corals to see. These are a dying species, with more disappearing every year.

So, get yourself into gear for exploring some of the beauties we might not see for years hence. Barbados Island also boasts of some of the most exquisite marine life you can go exploring. This is the time you should take to check all the nature you miss when you stay in the city.


This is by far my favourite thing to do. With experts aiding you in most of the beaches, you will have the best time on an adventure.

If riding the famous Caribbean waves is not your thing, you might even grow to love it. I have been told that in some of these beaches, surfing can help you feel like you see the entire world through a new lens.

Why won’t it be? You’re on top of the world for a while, and that old beach almost disappears. Surfing is your bragging rights for all the friends back home, who all want to bring you down for the vacation.

Visit the Caves

All-natural caves are a must-visit in Barbados. Limestone caverns with pools, and stony spaces where you can lose yourself. Barbados offers it all with an extra degree of panache.

So, what if your ideal vacation is not the beach, there are a lot of things in Barbados that will keep you wanting for more.

There’s more, one of the most famous caves actually has parts of the ocean bed. So, your loved one’s dreams of walking like a mermaid, on sea anemones and corals will come true.

The capital

Bridgetown may not be the oldest city on the planet, but, it features its aroma of history. With monuments which remind you of Gothic and Victorian architecture, to the markets that resemble the London streets, there’s something for them all.

Plan out an all-out-evening for one of your last days to see the entire place, and you will fall more in love.

Barbados is an answer for people who wish to have the best in vacation but, do not want to be stuck in one of the most familiar spaces. Several tourists rank Barbados as one of the last undiscovered places on Earth, where one might be free. That freedom is something that cannot be measured through money.

So, get yourself a Villa, and go on a holiday of adventure and nature. Staying away from concrete jungles is right for your soul.

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