Top Green Skincare Trends for 2017

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With 2016 gone, we have nothing but optimism for 2017. That means enjoying a year with clean and healthy skin. Last year, we saw an interesting array of green trends that encouraged us to not only seek out better alternatives for our skin, but for our health too. As we swing into the new year, what lessons could we expect to see and what could we be doing to enhance our natural glow this year?


Beauty isn’t just on the outside. Having a healthy, clean, and even green, diet can help keep your skin and face looking just as radiant as your gut feels. Leading dermatologist Whitney Bowe says, “I’m a huge advocate of probiotics… [and have seen] their remarkable results first-hand” (Hoff). Her research goes on to show that bacteria within your stomach can actually affect your skin. It infects your immune system, causing issues like redness, acne, and rosacea. And don’t be scared by the intimidating way ‘probiotics’ sound. All you need to do is eat more foods like yogurt, miso soup, sauerkraut, and kombucha to find the missing ingredient you need. You can even just add a supplement to your diet to keep the nasty redness away. By choosing drinks such as Core Organic over soda or any other sugary drink, can help balance out your digestive system, and thus, your whole system.


For 2017, don’t worry so much about creating a long list of resolutions and things you wish to change about yourself. All you have to do is stay at home. With a new self-care treatment, your skin will look fresher and newer than it did in 2016 without any added chemicals. Products such as homemade masks using various creams and juices, herb and oil scented baths, natural soaps, and even trying some of the new light technology tools are a great way to start 2017 off in a stronger, greener way. Treat yourself for once – without chemicals.


Another trend that we’ve already seen on some famous celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Cameron Diaz, and Lady Gaga, is the ‘no-makeup’ movement. I mean – let’s be honest – who doesn’t like touching up now and again? But we can’t deny the benefits of sporting a clean, free face, either. If you wear too much makeup, the chemicals can clog up your pores and create unnecessary irritation for your skin. So, what better way to go green than to just give up makeup for a bit?


You can find these products as green and natural creams as well as scrubs. With this in mind, face brushing is another 2017 interest on the rise. It is claimed to exfoliate skin, boost face circulation, and reduce cellulite. Often used with your favorite natural cleanser, face brushing can do wonders to stimulate a glowing complexion. And let’s not forget that the body also benefits from an exfoliating/scrub regime that will leave skin silky soft and naturally glowing healthy.

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These trends not only suggest green and healthful ways to improve your skin, but also provide a variety of options for the rest of the year. So, let’s make 2017 a good skin year to remember!


Source: Hoff, Victoria. “These Will Be the Biggest Skincare Trends in 2017, According to Dermatologists.” Skin. December 28, 2016.

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