Top fitness trends you should know about (Nr. 2 will blow your mind)

If you are a fitness fanatic like me, you must have a secret celeb you are regularly following on Instagram. Well, I do. Not one but ten of them. And my secret admiration skills have paid off. Thanks to my fitness icons, I have in-depth information on the new exercise craze. This will amaze you. Let get right into the juicy details, shall we?

The Revolutionary Yoga

From my in-depth research, very soon we shall forget the Indian way of doing Yoga. Yoga is changing. And there are two major trends.

1 Floating Yoga

Now, this has taken the top fitness trends a notch higher. Instead of sitting on yoga mats, you sit on boards that are literally floating. Well, in reality, these are elevated boards that assume a slanting angle. I’d love to meet the genius who invented this. Does it make you feel closer to the spiritual world? I don’t know but this we all have to try to find out.

top fitness trends

2 Beer Yoga

This has already taken effect in Berlin. It started out as ‘BierYoga’. But we all know how fast the “XO XO” generation in the US adapts to language, right? In the beer yoga lessons, the participants practice yoga moves while balancing a bottle of beer. “Beer salutations,” for example, is a pose where you balance the beer bottle on your head.

3 Virtual Boxing

Believe it or not, boxing will no longer involve punch bags and mitts. The new exercise craze with boxing involves the use of online platforms for boxing such as It involves 30 minutes videos that run through five rounds of shadow-boxing. But don’t underestimate them, the physical activity involved is intense. In fact, a single virtual boxing lesson burns up to 600 calories. And the effect continues for up to 12 hours after you are done with the lesson. The beauty of it is that you can exercise at the comfort of your house. Isn’t that cool?

4 Water Workout

This might not be new since we’ve all known swimming to be an excellent calories burner. However, the top fitness trends in water spots are amazing. You can now take hydro lessons which involve aqua jogging (can you imagine how that looks?), timed sprints and planks outside the pool. The beauty about water workouts is that they tend to be very effective all round. The water drag produces immense resistance for your body muscles. Because of that, you get very lean muscles with water workouts. Ultimately, you need to get involved with the new exercise craze. Keeping fit has never been so much easier.

aqua jogging

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