Top bikini and swimsuit trends


What are your plans this summer? And which swimsuit will suit your travel plans? A stylish bikini is not enough, it must compliment your skin tone and hair color, and most of all make you feel confident, comfortable and sexy. While every swimsuit isn’t right for every body type there are bathing suits styles out there that will match perfectly with your own personal style. When it comes to selecting a new bathing suit the following represent the swimsuit styles worth shopping for.

Metallic swimsuit

Metallic swimsuits are the easiest way to stand out amongst other bikini babes no matter what size you have. Metallic and gold bikinis command attention from everyone. These super sexy bikinis are usually made with a special fabric woven with thin metallic yarns specially designed to make your swimsuit look as if it were spun from precious metals. The gold bikinis are the most popular choice for most women wanting metallic swimsuits. Luminous and sparkly, gold can transform a woman from ordinary to extraordinary. Silver gleams and sparkles but can be a little too harsh for some skin tones. Women with cool complexions tend to find silver and platinum womens bikinis a preferential choice over gold.

Rose gold

However, despite the vast popularity of silver, metallic women swimwear and bikinis are available in a range of sexy tones, from soft, shimmery white, to bolder, wilder tones such as rose gold, fuchsia, cerulean, or green. For the wild sexy bikini goddess, exotic animal prints and fashion patterns can also be purchased from special bikini retailers like marie france van. The options are literally endless when you look for france bikinis and swimsuits

High waisted bikini

A high waisted bikini can be a plus sized women’s best friend. It offers full coverage, helps hide extra flab and enables you to look slimmer and toned. There was a time when these bikini items were available in monochrome colors only, but nowadays various swimwear companies like france van damme are bringing up a new and interesting range of high waisted swimsuits. A high waisted bikini style is very much in vogue these days and perfect to match with your favorite maxi dress.

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