Top 5 Things To See In Paraguay – Travel Guide 2022

If you are planning for a trip in 2022, consider visiting Paraguay. It is a South American country and you can get some outstanding locations to witness here. Well, if you are currently saving money for your next trip after the pandemic, take all the initial steps for the Paraguay trip soon.

Well, due to its geographical location, the winters in Paraguay start from May. So, you can consider April to September as the best time to visit this country. There are not many places of tourist attractions in Paraguay but the few it has can allure your mind. Moreover, while on a visit, you can taste Paraguay food and indulge yourself in the country’s culture.

For now, check out the top five things  to see while you spend a short but memorable holiday in Paraguay.

Top Best Places To See In Paraguay

Here are the top best places to see in Paraguay. All you can do now is take a Sundae ice cream and enjoy reading this article. Once you know all about the following places, you can ask your tour operator to include these places in your itinerary.

1.  Saltos Del Monday

If you are a tourist and a nature lover, visit Saltos Del Monday as you reach Paraguay. Here, you can witness some marvellous waterfalls and get a chance to enjoy the calmness of the place to rejuvenate. Moreover, in Saltos Del Monday, you can get a chance to go for a hike. So, you should bring your hiking shoes.

The best time to visit Saltos Del Monday is from April to September. So, you get the late autumn and the entire winter. Finally, the best route to this place is by bus from any main city. 

2. YBYCUI National Park

The YBYCUI National Park is a heritage of Paraguay. So, you should not miss this place. If you are an adventure lover, you can have a good time at this place. Here you can hike, go boating, and search for the wildlife while being in a safe zone.

However, you would not see many people visiting this national park as it needs much patience to spot wild animals here. Moreover, many people avoid this place as boating here is a necessity to cover the entire place.

You can visit this place during the months of April to September. Moreover, try not to miss the iron foundry. Finally, in terms of accessibility, you can reach this place by bus. You can also take a taxi to reach this place.

3. Cerro Cora National Park

The Cerro Cora National Park in Paraguay is adjacent to the Aquibadan River. This place is full of trees and if you wish to witness the dense forests, you can reach here. Always remember to take a guide while you enter the park as you might get lost in its premises quite easily. As a photographer, you can consider this place as the best for 360˚ Photography.

To reach Cerro Cora National Park, you would just need a bus. It would need only six hours to reach the location from Asuncion. The right time to visit Cerro Cora is during June to September.

4. Asuncion

If you are a tourist who loves people and culture, do not skip exploring Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay. Here, you can get welcoming people and an alluring nightlife.The best you can do is get a guide for the city tour and ask him to visit the famous night clubs and bars in the city.

Transportation is not at all an issue in the city as you get a lot of cabs and buses to move from one place to another.

5. Encarnacion

Encarnacion is one of the famous cities in Paraguay. It is located on the Parana River and is one of the best places where you can find the Jesuit Ruins. Also, you can check out other ancient buildings of the Pre Columbian era.

While in this city, you should not miss out witnessing the metropolis of Encarnacion. Make sure you get on to the Posadas Tram as it can give you a marvellous view of both the cities.

This is again a place that you can reach by a taxi or a bus. The entire ride would take around 43 minutes. .

Final Words

While not many trip-freaks are eager to visit Paraguay, it can be a unique country you would visit. The best you can do is keep yourself entertained and add up a part of Costa Rica or Argentina with Paraguay.

This can boost up your expenses but you would surely have an outstanding trip. The best you can do is check for the access and an excellent tour operator. Getting a good tour operator is vital because the itinerary he will  make would result in the best trip you have in Paraguay.

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