Top 5 Benefits of Dental Bibs

Dental bibs are used by dentists, orthodontists, and other healthcare providers to protect a patient’s clothing and keep everything sanitary. 

During treatment saliva, blood, plaque, and other debris can represent a sanitation hazard. Protecting your patients is absolutely essential. However, there are a lot of other benefits to using dental bibs, too. 

In this short guide, we’ll explain the top 5 benefits of dental bibs. 

1. Protecting Your Patient’s Clothes From Stains 

The most obvious benefit from a patient perspective might be protecting their clothes from water, mouth rinse, blood, or other stains. Even a small drop of blood on a shirt collar can create a lasting stain and be troublesome to remove for your patients. 

Protect your patient’s clothes effectively and also your reputation with high-quality dental bibs that are absorbent, appealing, and sanitary.

2. Protecting Your Patient’s Hygiene

We’re currently living an era where we’re all washing our hands excessively and being especially careful because of Covid-19. 

That means dental patients are even more concerned about their hygiene than usual and providing high quality dental supplies from trustworthy dental supplies companies can help reassure them that your business takes hygiene very seriously.

3. Better For The Environment Than Plastic

Paper-based dental bib products and dental bib clips that can be cleaned in an autoclave are better for the environment than single use disposable plastics

In the past ten years growing awareness has made people more conscious about the ecological impact plastic is having on the planet. You can do your part for the environment and also for your business’s sustainability goals by taking single-use plastics out of your dental supply chain altogether.

4. More Absorbent Than Plastic

Another benefit of paper-based dental bib products (such as those sold here) is that they are absorbent and plastic alternatives aren’t. 

A lot of PPE is plastic based but the drawback of plastic is that contaminants like blood, saliva and debris can slide right off them. That’s good for some applications but very bad when you want to keep your dental practice clean.

With paper-based dental bibs, a professional is able to wrap up and dispose of unsanitary items in confidence.

5. Alternative Uses For Dental Bibs

Good quality paper-based dental bibs can be used as a tablecloth for instruments and an instrument tray liner. Because they are highly absorbent they can help keep workspaces clean and enable you to easily sanitize tables and trays.

Trays and tables have to be sanitized between patients, but it’s easier to do so when you can use a dental bib to collect any floss, plaque, teeth, or other medical waste.

More Than You Might Expect

To summarize, dental bibs offer more benefits to a dental or orthodontic professional than you might initially suspect. The quality of dental supplies, including dental bibs, is one of the key things patients notice about a clinic. 

The perceived hygiene level of your clinic is directly tied to patients’ decisions to choose your dental surgery.

If you want to learn more about dental supplies, keep reading our blogs!

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