Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Belongings

Buying ourselves something extra luxurious (or even getting it as a present) comes with great responsibility, doesn’t it? Not only do we have to pay special attention to it in order not to get it stolen, but we need to take extra care of our luxurious possession as it’s probably extremely valuable to us (and we don’t have the money now to go and buy another one). With this in mind, we have separated a few precious possessions, so you can find out how to properly take care of each of them in order to make them last longer:


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Your watch does not only tell you the time. A good watch is associated with nice memories, which makes it quite a sentimental object. Moreover, it’s a status symbol and it shows class and sophistication. These are the main reasons why you should be taking care of your watch, but how can you keep it in top shape?

  • First of all, the most important thing to do is clean your watch regularly. Take a soft cloth and wipe down any dirt or dust that found its way there. What you can also do in order to completely remove the dirt is take a bit of soap and water and gently wash the band – make sure to do this every few months or so.
  • Get your watch serviced every couple of years.
  • If you’re wearing a vintage watch, make sure to keep it away from water. New watches are mostly water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean that you should soak it. Also, if you’re wearing a watch with a leather band, this is of the utmost importance as water softens leather.
  • What many don’t know is that you should avoid the exposure of your watch to direct sunlight, especially if you have a leather band as it can fade the colour of your watch.


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What is more valuable than your car and your house? Your car is a luxurious item that you purchased from your hard-earned money, so it’s quite logical that you have to take care of it in the best possible way. Even though you will definitely invest some money in regular car maintenance, sometimes it’s also good to go the extra mile and consider those small things that are seemingly unimportant but can help your car a lot:

  • The tyres are vital for every car, let alone a luxurious one. If you’re an owner of a very expensive car, you need to make sure that you have the best tyres for your model. For example, if you own a Ford, having Bridgestone Tyres is the best option as they are of the highest quality. Also, always have a set of extra tyres because it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Clean your car regularly in order to make it look new as long as possible. This is very important for the paint job of your car as you don’t want it to get dirty and dusty to the point of changing the colour and not being able to wash it back to its original one.
  • As far as cleaning is concerned, make sure that you’re using the right cleaning products when you’re cleaning both the interior and the exterior of your car. Bear in mind that the interior of your car is probably made out of real leather and you know that you need to pay special attention to the way you’re cleaning leather.

Leather bags and clothes

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Finally, all of us have a certain garment that’s made out of leather that we love and cherish very much. So, in order to prolong the lifespan of the garment, especially if it’s a bag we’re talking about, this is what you need to do:

  • Get yourself a cleaner that’s made for the purposes of cleaning leather and remove the build-up dirt by wiping it down.
  • Don’t forget the hardware – the metal parts of your bag (or your pants). In order to know how to properly maintain these, you should ask the clerk at the shop.
  • Always remember to use a leather moisturizer that will dry over time. This is extremely important for leather shoes. Apart from those, you can also use different creams that can help your shoes (or bags) become as much waterproof as they can.
  • When you’re storing your bag or shoes, try to use butter paper and never newspaper.
  • Also, if it’s a bag you’re taking care of, switch it from time to time as you don’t want to overuse it and wear it out.

Even though this takes a bit more work and can be a real chore, taking proper care of your luxury items will only help you enjoy them longer. Therefore, don’t pout, but rather get whatever you need and keep these items alive!

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