Tips for Eyelashes Care

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The eyes are the window for a human. Having healthy eyelashes enables the eyes to have a clear and bright look. Eyelashes enhance one’s beauty, thus it is a desire for most people to have long, full and healthy eyelashes. People should maintain their eyelashes to prevent looking dull and tried. Most people experience eyelashes fall out due to many reasons. For example, it can be due to an autoimmune condition, nutritional deficiencies, stress and other eyelashes loss. The major question that people ask is for how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back. Therefore, they have to take great care of their eyelashes to prevent the fallout. The following are tips on how to take care of your eyelashes.

Eat healthily

You need to eat a healthy diet. The choice of food affects the eyelashes. You should drink more water daily. Your food should be rich with vitamins and proteins. This helps to get health eyelashes. Vitamin E, C, H, and D helps the eyelashes to look ore health and full. For example, Vitamin D helps to prevent losing hair as it strengthens the hair follicle. Vitamin H can be used to rebuild the dry hair thus making the eyelashes look health.

Moisturize the eyelashes.

You need to moisturize your eyelashes so as to prevent them from breaking. Moisturizing also helps the eyelashes to grow stronger and faster. You can condition your eyelashes using Vaseline brand petroleum, especially for the dry and brittle eyelashes. Also, you can use the natural oil such as castor or seer almond oil for moisturizing the eyelashes. You should ensure that you have cleaned your eyelashes first before applying the conditioner.

Take off your makeup

In every night before sleeping, you should ensure you have removed your mascaras. You need to take great care of the eyelashes to prevent them from drying up or becoming brittle. Sleeping with the mascara can cause breakage and weakening the lashes. Also, it can cause eye infection since you can rub the product into the eyes. Mascara contains chemicals that stunt the natural growth of the eyelashes. You can remove the makeup using an eye makeup remover or a cotton ball. In every eye area, you should use a different cotton ball to prevent spreading impurities.

Brush out the eyelashes

Brushing the eyelashes every day allows them to look long and natural. You should use a soft and clean bristle mascara wand to brush them out daily. When brushing, you should not do it harshly or for too long to prevent them from falling out.

Avoid the fake eyelashes

Most people experiencing eyelashes fall out opt for the false eyelashes which are wrong. The best thing is to use the right ways to attain healthy, full and voluminous eyelashes. Applying the fake eyelashes weakens their roots. When applying ad removing the fake eyelashes, you will be required to use glue. Taking off the glue can lead to removing some of your real eyelashes. Therefore, you should give your eyelashes a break with no any makeup. This gives them time to breathe.


The eyelashes have an impact of a look of a person. Therefore, it’s crucial to take great care of the sensitive feature. With the above tips, you will attain health and full eyelashes which will make you happy.


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