Tips for Dressing Up Right for An Interview

As we grow up, we contemplate on what we would like to do in our lives. Some opt for the family business while others opt for becoming chartered accountants, engineers, lawyers, doctors and what not. In today’s competitive world, qualification alone does not guarantee success. With so many candidates available to choose from, companies choose the best option on the basis of the interviews conducted by them. Today, there are tutorials and classes for interview preparations. While going for an interview, the first impression that you create on the interviewer is through your appearance. Dressing up for an interview requires certain preparation. Lined up below are 5 tips to dress up your best for an interview.

  1. Study the Work Culture of The Company

It is important to have an insight into the work culture of the company that is going to interview you. You can research online on social media platforms to find out the normal dress code followed in the company, call up the HR Manager to make some enquiries and even try to get in touch with the employees of the company to understand this. Having done this basic homework, now you would know whether to get dressed up for a casual interview or a business professional interview. Generally, companies concerned with law, finance, realty, consultancy expect a formal attire from you while those concerned with technology, media, marketing and others require a casual attire.

  1. Choose the Right Dress After Having Worked on The Company’s Work Culture

Dressing up formally means that you should wear a buttoned down solid color shirt, formal pants with a suit and tie. While white is one of the most preferred colors for a shirt, you could opt for certain other colors like light beige or light blue. Avoid colors that are too bright and flashy. Suits in black and navy blue are the most preferred ones for a formal attire. Obviously, the suit and tie should blend with the entire outfit. The same has to be said about the shoes and belt. If you are wearing a light-colored shirt with a black or navy-blue pant, then black shoes and belt would be the right choice. On the other hand, wearing a beige and brown pant would warrant brown shoes and belt.

A pair of chinos or dress pants with a buttoned-down shirt is ideal for a business casual attire. A casual look does not mean that you go in a t-shirt and jeans for the interview. It would be good to avoid printed shirts. Go for solid colors or some stripes for your casual look shirt with khaki, grey or dark blue chinos. In winters a matching sweater or jacket in plain solid color would be good to go with your shirt.  Ties can be avoided here.

It goes without saying that your clothes should be properly ironed, wrinkle free while your shoes should be well polished in either interview.

  1. Keep Accessories to The Minimum

Avoid jewelry that is too flashy. A ring and watch are good enough for an interview. It is better to remove body piercings while going for an interview else it gives an impression that you take the job offer too casually and lightly.

  1. Avoid Experimentation with Your Hair

Comb your hair nicely. Refrain from too much experimentation with it. You have to show seriousness for the interview and job offer. Once you are on the job and get very familiar with the employers, colleagues and work culture, you can accordingly experiment with your looks.

  1. Give Due Attention to The Miscellaneous Stuff

That would mean having your nails cut, brushing your teeth well and rinsing with mouthwash, avoiding chewing gum and having all your documents and papers filed properly. Manly matters also include trimming your nose hair well. Certain people even have hair popping out of their ears. See to it that you trim it well.

Having dressed up in the right attire takes care of the first step of your interview. Hope all you budding professionals have a good interview.

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