Three incredible hiking trails in the Americas

The Americas are a land of abundance, and the diverse array of natural beauty to be found here is no exception. Home to some of the world’s finest hiking routes; from shimmering lakes beneath snow-capped mountains and crimson canyons in the North, to rugged shorelines and a host of ecological treasures in the South. Whatever type of adventure you’re planning next, the hiking trails here are sure to impress.

Spanning over 16 million square miles, the range of landscapes across the Americas make for awe-inspiring scenery of all categories. With trails ranging in difficulty from novice to advanced, natural beauty a-plenty and some unique wildlife along the way – hiking through these magnificent lands is on every explorer’s to-do list.

Let’s dive into our selection of the three most incredible hiking trails in the Americas.

Burroughs Mountain Trail, Washington

This hike takes you on an enchanting journey through the peaks of Mount Rainier National Park. Although it’s one of the more challenging routes through the park, the Burroughs Mountain Trail offers the epitome of panoramic views over the lush forests that blanket the surrounding valleys of these majestic mountains.

Home to over 150 waterfalls and a huge wildlife park, where bears, bison, wolves and mountain goats roam free, you’ll never be short of photo opportunities. The area is also full of amenities and plenty of other hiking routes, making it one of the most visited hiking destinations in the US.

The Highline Trails, Montana

The relatively flat, 7.5-mile hiking route of The Highline Trails is one of the easier ways to gain access to the awe-inspiring panoramic views of Glacier National Park in Montana. The dramatic skylines of the mountains shelter azure lakes, and the dense pine forests that coat the landscape are home to some fascinating creatures such as bighorn sheep and mountain goats. For the sake of safety, it’s advised to hike in groups through the park to avoid any potential risk of harm from the native grizzly bear.

If you’re looking for a harder trek, there are plenty of other hiking trails that traverse this stunning park and all offer incredible views and a chance to breathe in the crisp mountain air.


Kaieteur Falls Trek, Guyana

This off-the-beaten-path jungle trek is a great way to explore the biodiverse beauty of South America. Hiking through the Guata Shield, one of the most unspoilt natural landscapes on Earth, you’ll make your way to the tallest single-drop waterfall on Earth, Kaieteur Falls. With a mix of boat rides and walking through dense jungle, this is definitely an adventurous hike to remember.

Home to giant anteaters, jaguars, the endemic Harpy Eagle and Cock-of-the-Rock, plus almost 2000 species of other birds and reptiles, the breathtaking wildlife in the Guyana region is a wonder to behold.

Endless opportunities

The Americas are vast and teeming with incredible hiking trails, so it can be difficult to choose where to head to first. With good planning and some well worn-in hiking boots, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the natural beauty of these diverse landscapes.

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