This is why you keep picking the wrong partner

wrong partner

This scenario seems familiar to many of us: You fall in love, there is roses and butterflies everywhere, everything is perfect, and then suddenly you realize you are with a person that is not good for you. It can be someone who is toxic, doesn’t support you or someone whose personality just isn’t what you need. Whatever the reason, sometimes we just pick the wrong partner. Ending up with one wrong person might teach some of us an important lesson, but a lot of us actually keep picking the wrong partner over and over again. Well, how can that be? Haven’t we learned the lessons from Launceston dating site?

Learn from previous experience

Here is the truth, humans do not function as math, and we are not robots. We think, feel, have hopes and fears and we are oh so often led by passion and expectations. Learning from previous experience and dates from Edinburgh dating site is easier said than done, but if you constantly keep picking the wrong partner, the reason might be that you, like everyone else, have certain schemes in your behavior that keep you from finding the right partner.

How we pick the wrong partner

A lot of us, when entering a new relationship through the best dating sites, are full of dreams and hopes. We are often led by passion and instant feeling of being in love. When we are faced with reality and start dealing with that not so positive side of our partners personality, we start thinking they will somehow change. The truth is, they won’t.  We are led by the ideal we created in our head, instead of a realistic picture of how things are and who the person we are with really is.

Our schemes lead us to believe that we can only be loved by someone who resembles our previous partners. This is because humans are creatures of habit, and we are accustomed to certain type of partners. That is why we make the same mistakes, because something different would seem so strange. Picking the right partner through dating agency Cornwall just isn’t in accordance with our habit to date ,,the wrong people’’.

What you think you deserve matters

It is how we are wired, but the good thing is, we can be unwired. We pick the wrong partner because it’s the only thing we know. We are familiar with it. It is not something that is good for us, and we know it, but we keep falling in love with wrong people because we think that is what love is. It’s all about what we think we deserve and can handle, when matter effect, that partner, like previous one, isn’t going to make us happy. As silly as it sounds, it is just a bad habit and it reflects how we perceive ourselves, what we think we deserve. That is why, to find the right partner on date divorced singles, we must change our inner selves and only than our bad habits of picking all the wrong partners will change.


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