Things To Consider While Buying A Mink Fur Coat For The First Time

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A mink fur coat is a clothing item that every woman must absolutely own. Not only does it offers luxurious warmth but also makes you the center of attention. However, it can be quite an investment, which is the reason that you should choose one with great care. You need to pick a piece that excels in quality and becomes a worthy item in your wardrobe. So if you are planning to buy a mink coat for the first time, here are the things that you should consider while choosing one.

Examine the quality of the pelt

Mink pelt comes in diverse qualities and better quality commands a higher price. This means that you will probably have to pay more if you want to invest in a quality coat. The appearance and feel of the mink pelt give a fair idea about its quality. Pelts of high quality are soft to touch, light in weight, shiny in appearance and vivid in color.

Check inside the lining too

You can check the quality of the mink fur by examining under the lining. This is the best way to find the difference between real and faux fur. Most coats have a zipper in their lining so that they can be checked from the inside. You can check the fur by feeling it or having a good look at it. Ideally, real mink fur would be smooth just like suede leather and be sewn together in strips.

Buy a branded coat

Another factor that you should bear in mind as a first-time buyer is to always buy a reputed brand, whether you shop online or from a store. It is better to do some research and get reviews about good brands before picking a piece. While you can visit local fur stores, checking websites like Elpidio Loffredo is a good idea if you want quality stuff. Do not hesitate to spend a little more but always prioritize a good brand.

Sniff the coat to detect the odor

Just the look and feel of the mink fur coat is not the quality indicators that you can trust fully. Try sniffing it to check that it does not reek of mold or mothballs. Rather, you can expect them to smell pleasant as the cleaning process of mink pelts used these days involves the use of a small amount of perfume. This smell usually lingers in brand new coats and gradually goes away with time.

Try it on

Since you will probably spend a good deal of money on a mink fur coat, it is always good to try the piece before buying. A good fit can make all the difference and make the money well spent. If you are shopping online, be sure to take the right measurements. Also, check the exchange and return policy of the website so that you are not in a fix if the coat does not fit well.

A smart buyer is one who checks all these parameters before buying a mink fur coat. After all, this is a garment that you will want to flaunt for a lifetime and you should not make any compromises with its choice.

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