These Shapewears Deserve a Spot in Your Wardrobe

Have you ever thought if there was a way to highlight the curves of your waist, leaving it in the desired thickness and, at the same time, correcting your posture?

Well, know that there is, yes, and it has a name: modeling belt!

Today, we want to tell you how the modeling belt can help your self-esteem, through several different sizes and models, which suit all types of bodies.

How to Choose the Best Shaper Belt

For starters, pay attention, as we have prepared some very important tips to help you choose the best shaping belt for your needs.

Know the Types of Modeling Strap and Understand Which One is ideal for You

The needs may be diverse, ranging from post-surgical use to more aesthetic issues. And that’s why, on the market, there are different strap structures designed for each use option. Just identify what your need is to choose the ideal type of shaping belt to suit you.

Mulher de calcinha e sutiã

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– Abdominal: This is the most conventional strap model. Covering the entire belly area, it compresses the abdominal region, and can also be used in the double belt waist trainer model. It is ideal to make the waist thinner, adjust the spine to the correct position and disguise the famous “tummy”, improving the fit of the clothes. It is just not recommended for people who have back fat, as it can show them.

Mulher de calcinha e sutiã

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Vest: This model resembles a tank top and, in addition to maintaining the correct posture, reduces waist measurements more efficiently than the abdominal belt, without reducing comfort during use. In addition to supporting the lumbar region, it is also ideal for use in the gym, as its material is usually made of neoprene, which, as it is rubberized, warms the abdominal region, favoring the burning of fat during exercise.

Mulher de calcinha e sutiã

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– Body:

The shapewear bodysuits is possible to model the entire torso, hiding possible culottes on the sides and adjusting the spine in the correct position. The body provides modeling on the breasts, resulting in a sharp neckline, compression of the abdomen and reduction of measurements at the waist. With it, it is possible to wear tighter clothes without being marked. Some models also have fabric that goes to the butt, with the function of modeling it so that it is more upturned.

– Bermuda:

The shaping shorts are ideal for reducing measurements of the thighs, abdomen and butt, disguising even cellulite in these regions and culottes on the sides of the hip. Another alternative for using this model is to avoid chafing the thighs when walking, preventing diaper rash and can be used both under pants or dresses.

– Panties:

Modeling panties usually have the highest waistband, making abdominal compression possible, disguising the culottes on the sides of the hip and excess fat in the belly. They also shape the butt, leaving it looking more upturned.

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