These are the vintage jewellery trends that we will actually be wearing this winter

The runways were full with jewellery this season. From oversized chain necklaces to pearls. Chain earrings, and chain bracelets. Delicate hoops, small and fine, with quite a few charms here and there, and we saw a lot of silverware and jewellery-like belts. In short: this season is full of exciting accessory and jewellery. Vintage and antique jewellery will always be popular. Timeless designs are a great investment. Here is a list of trends for this winter season.

The whimsical pearl

Not a traditional polished pearl for this season, but asymmetrical and whimsical shapes stacked or hanging in strands from neck, hand and ears. Shapes that reflect the fickleness of nature and appear in waves and clusters. It seems that pearls will never go out of style and they are in cooperated every season. A great idea to invest in antique pearls from Carus Jewellery.

Fine jewellery

Subtle and modest, or understated chic, with a starring role for a single piece. Can certainly also be stacked, but keep it minimal: in this category, the saying less is more applies. That little bit extra, as a small and fine icing on the cake. There are many impressive antique jewellery designs that are a real eye-catcher for different occasions.

Chain reaction

A classic Vintage jewelry that returns in a slightly different guise every season. This time it is still chunky, but a bit more elegant. We saw the link chain with details, in an extended shape or with small links that trickle down like a waterfall. The link chain can even be seen on bags, shoes and in sweaters and tops.

Pronounced pendants and necklaces

Although small and minimalist necklaces are of course very beautiful and trendy, it is wonderful to occasionally unpack with a beautiful statement piece. And which piece of jewellery can do that better than an antique necklace?! Do you like to stand out with your jewellery and perhaps also your clothes, then you can certainly enjoy this trend.

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